I recently designed a new set of hips that can be used with Lego minifigures that are compatible with standard Lego pieces to make it possible to build your own minifigure legs.

They work pretty well:

And are now for sale on Shapeways, for any of you who are interested in such things.
Nice work Elfprince, I'm kinda surprised that Lego didn't have something like this already. If I start messing with Lego more in the future I might have to print a few of those.

They actually just came out with the first similar piece this year for the Clone Wars mech-leg Darth Maul:

But mine are arguably a bit more useful (studs on sides, for example), and price comparable (with better color selection) to buying those individually on Bricklink since they only exist in one set.

Here are a few more of my experiments:

I had my first 3rd party purchase today via Shapeways, which inspired me to do another build:

For the Draenei warrior, I'm using Zeb's head from The Ghost and Rocket's tail from Knowhere Escape Mission, plus Thor's hammer from Quinjet Aerial Battle. Everything else besides the hips is pretty much stock / easily recognizable.

The orc is from the Hobbit theme.
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