I've been playing around recently with both of the following games, and can't decide which one would make a more interesting and entertaining contest entry. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I will be using hybrid Basic for this, in case that makes any difference.

Definitely a hard choice... I love both of those games. I'd say that you should work on them both, and create a, sort of, puzzle pack. Personally, I would think the Bubble Shooter game would be harder to make, because you'd have to deal with getting this to bounce off walls, stick in the right places, and be able to get rid of the correct bubbles when you destroy the ones above them.
Okay. I guess I'll start with Bubble Blast and get it contest-worthy. Then I'll try to finish Bubble Buster in time but submit the first one if I can't.

Okay, so as far as I can tell I have 3 main things to work on:

Main Menu
Levels (just making my own and making them work properly)
Bubbles weakening (collision detection) and bursting (shooting out mini bubbles and emptying that tile)

Anything else I need to post about for this topic (for now)?
That seems like a good set of introductory facts for now, but be sure to keep us posted on progress as you go along, which will also give us an opportunity to prod you to work at a good pace. Smile
In keeping with my previous indecision, I'm going to switch to working on "Namco Museum". I will only be starting with Dig Dug, and will add the others as I have time and complete previous ones.

Fair enough, good luck with it. Still planning on a TI-83+ BASIC game as far as implementing it?
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