I decided to participate in Ludum Dare 22. The theme was "Alone". I decided to make an IF game based on what could be someone's typical Friday night. You play like other IF games, so "east" and "west" to move around, and type in to interact. You can "look" and "take" things, as well as "sit" and "sleep". There's also a hidden cat floating around, so try to find that Wink.
Here's the download:
It required .NET 2.0.

I'll be submitting it officially in a couple of hours, so if you want to help me test it out, that would be great Smile. Before I submit it officially, I'll upload it to the cemetech archives so people can download it from there, since I don't want all the participants downloading it from my crumby server.
Alright, I've uploaded it, you can download it here:
And here's the entry at LD:
I was unaware that Merthsoft was competing, nor was I aware of this competition until 9 hours in. Surprised
Anyways, one of my friends alerted me to this competition and I started working about 30 hours in. Here's the result:

If you want to skip over the Ludum Dare entry, the link to the file in the archives is:
(Thanks Merth for green lighting it so fast!)
I'm the Cemetech File Archiving Master Very Happy. I'll try out your game tomorrow. The screen shots look intriguing!
merthsoft wrote:
I'm the Cemetech File Archiving Master Very Happy.

Do you want a freaking medal?
allynfolksjr wrote:
merthsoft wrote:
I'm the Cemetech File Archiving Master Very Happy.

Do you want a freaking medal?
I got a Wii for Christmas, so in performing my duty as a Cemetechian hacker, I installed the Homebrew channel and ported my Ludum Dare entry to Wii. The files can be found here: http://whff.tk/download.php?file=rmx6vibx5l
Source: http://whff.tk/download.php?file=rivxl7y51r
The results are in!
Merth placed in slot number 251. Great job!
I placed in slot 322. :'(
There were 891 entries in all.
Better luck next time, I guess Smile
And I ranked 29th for theme Smile
Good job, though. Was this your first time entering?
Yep. I found out about it through the grape vine after it had already began.
Well then I'd say you did pretty well for a first time!
Congratulations to both of you for your hard work and solid results. Smile
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