Tag 2 is the sequel to the amazingly crappy calculator game Tag.

Some of you might have been wondering what the new version is going to be like. I've got a whole bunch of goodies planned out, and I've barely started. Still, this screenie is fairly post-worthy:

New and cool stuff planned:
Buttons and switches light up to indicate what they're connected to.
In this version of Tag, paint doesn't change the entire tile, only one face. That means that you can now have multiple colors of paint on one tile Very Happy
Excursion funnels.
Greyscale colors.
Much more to come.

(believe it or not I wrote that elevator routine from scratch, and I think it might even be better than Builder's Very Happy)
Wow, this is epic. Great job!
Light-up button/door wires for the win! What do you have planned in terms of levels for this version?
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