I made an Axiom that implements most of the TI Basic time commands. I've tested it rather quickly, and it seems to work fine. However, there may be a bug or two. I'm not responsible for your calculator, blah blah blah. Have a look at the source if you're curious. I used B_CALLs for most of the commands. In the future, I might add support for the crystal timers for precise timing delays, but probably not. You can download it here.

Anyway, here are the commands Timely currently supports:

In general, these commands return zero if there was an error. The exceptions are getTime and getDate. They return -1 if there was an error.

The superscript r modifiers make the command apply to the hardware. Without them, the respective commands apply only to the OS. For example, ClockOff tells the OS that the clock is off (just like the Basic command ClockOff), while ClockOffr both turns off the hardware clock and tells the OS that the clock is off. ClockOn is the same way. isClockOn detects only the OS clock, but isClockOnr detects only the hardware clock.

With a few exceptions, these mostly work the same as their Basic counterparts. The exceptions are as follows:
*startTmr and checkTmr() only return 2-byte values. This shouldn't cause problems unless your program uses them for 18 hours straight.
*I can't get the token hook replacement working for getTime and getDate. Imagine a parentheses after getTime/getDate and it will work fine. The syntax, therefore, is getTimeX) and getDateX) where X is the argument. The argument can be 1, 2, or 3. Basically, getTime1 is the same as getTime:Ans(1) in Basic, and so on for 2 and 3.
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