Because the 128 Hz clock isn't assigned to anything - it is internal
Bump - See for documentation and examples on the RTC unit.
AHelper wrote:
Bump - See for documentation and examples on the RTC unit.
Very nicely documented, sir! I'm glad that this is starting to come together so well, and I appreciate your continued investigation into this hardware.
Here's an interesting note: Since there is dispute as to which parts were placed where in this Frankenstein cpu, why is it that the RTC addresses match up to the 7720 when it is said that the CPU is similar to the 7730 (RTC has different addresses)?
Who knows...
Simon has documented the register stuff here:

Simply select the "Registers" tab.
gbl08ma wrote:
DoorsCS for Prizm anytime soon? :D

I think that if indeed there is a limit on the number of add-ins the Prizm can show on the menu, a shell will be necessary. If the limit is on the shortcut letter Z, then I'll soon reach it, as I already have enough menu items to get to V. At this point, folders would come handy too.

sorry for such a necropost but the above and follow up "off topic" discussions here were quite good ideas, I previously wondered if gbl08ma's utilities add-in could be developed into some kind of modular shell in shape of subfolder integrated on the main menu itself.

Also header-less add-in code execution is interesting in those follow up discussions - has someone succeeded with this? I saw upload n run documentation but cannot understand if it is solely via some⁻3-pin transfer methodology or if it can be done from some other add in or basic program too and what exactly one needs to do and not...

Please let me know if more on the above is known
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