I wanted to ask what's the difference between these 2 ...


Ti-89 Titanium

if the links didn't work, then search for "texas instruments ti-89", u'll find 2 ... "TI-89 Titanium" and "TI-89 Advanced Graphing"

i want to know which should i buy, and is it worth the price difference?

EDIT: Made your links readable. --Jon
your diffrence is the memory

The 89T has more memory, and a USB port, compared to the 89
What they are calling an advanced graphing is just a regular 89, the 68k calcs are capable of advanced graphing out of the box
Thanks, i think i'll go for the Ti version, i hoped to buy HP49+ but with the keyboard problems, i will not stand it Very Happy, i had a TI before (bought in 1978 by my dad), it had the same keyboard problem and i wanted to throw it from the window Smile
true, it is also simialar to the debate of silver or not in the z80s
I'd definitely go with the Titanium. A lot more memory allows for more things to be done. There are a few compatability probelms with a few games, but between the HW3Patch and a few other things you can get most of the old games to work.
The titanium is better if you don't mind a couple of easy shell patches. And welcome to Cemetech!
OK, thanks all for the advice, i'll get the TI as soon as i sell my Casio 9860G.
Speaking of these shell patches, I need some guidance on what software to put on my brand-new 89t. Reccomendations?

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Get PreOS or a compatible shell, any FAT-driven games tend to be 1337, and make sure you use the advanced desktop API.
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