Because of an idea I passed on over at calcgames, there might be some new additions to the file archives. On the description pages, there might eventually come about a "Report File" button, that will email or PM the file's url to 5-6 select individuals that frequent calcgames, so the file can be reviewed, and a decision can be made if the program should stay in the archives.

For some reason, some files there have been uploaded, but they are just a bunch of crap, so this will be the first steps in getting rid of crappy programs in the TI community.

What do you guys think?
I like it. I really should visit calcgames more though to keep up with stuff like this
Sounds like a plan
(moved to calc/comp open topic)
Well, if it works out well enough there, we might be able to get to take on a similar program...
Kllrnohj had another awesome tie-in idea for SourceCoder 2 - make their zipview program pass sourcecode to SourceCoder!
KermMartian wrote:
Kllrnohj had another awesome tie-in idea for SourceCoder 2 - make their zipview program pass sourcecode to SourceCoder!

LOL! you tell me to make a post about my idea, then go and beat me to it! make up your mind!!!
Yeah, well, I am still tryin to see how sc ties in to the topic...?

Anywho, If this were implemented, think of how fast the archives would get cleaned up...

And you wouldn't even have to delete the files, they could just have a folder for "Low quality progs..." lol
Oh, that would be a fair way to do it...
Don't want to upset people by deleting files, but it might give those that care a motivation to make it better...
Especially if you segregate badly-performing files like that.
Sounds good. Good call TI-Freak8x! >(^')
Smile Now we just need to see what Nikky and the crew have to say about it...
*goes to calcgames* nothing yet *goes to calcgames again* still nothing...
allynfolksjr wrote:
You know, that's a good idea, maybe I'll work on it during christmas holiday.

Hmm, I hope this makes it up there... Very Happy

& thanks Kuro. Smile
Yay! Glad he finally did something to an idea other than shoot it down... Razz
uh...hehehe...? Neutral
*Hands TI Freak a cookie*
So did this ever get implemented?
read the news at
Ah, so they made a feature like's "report this file". Cool.
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