hey everyone I wanted to tell everyone that I have a new website. Its called Xeno Pages. My new website is aimed to provide an easier way to check someones status than Facebook. Please visit the website and tell me what you like about the website and what you don't. If you find any bugs or glitches please tell me.[/url]
The flashing banner is an immediate turnoff. So is the enlarging nav bar. Also, a total view count of "7" is not encouraging. You may want to go for a lighter interface, or at least make it customizable. The dark one you have atm is not welcoming (IMO).
I don't like the neon green and black color scheme either, and the enlarging font on hover seems amateurish. The flashing banner is headache-inducing, and the lack of content is concerning. I'm confident that you'll improve it, of course.
You should be hashing your passwords, not saving them as plain text. You should also be checking to make sure people aren't entering stuff that they're not supposed to (hint: add the word "pass" to anyone's email address in the View Someone's Status text box, and you can get their password).
You should turn debugging off as well. And I would store the users in a database instead of a flatfile called users.txt
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