Well, Castle Run is a special type of shooter that will involve you (a Belmont, based of off Simon's sprites) whipping incoming monsters. I plan to use xLib to implement the below sprites

(note: not ALL sprites will be used)

Well, other than that, all I can tell you is that there will probably be power ups, there will be score, and many MANY awesome monsters.
Sounds like fun, Qazz Smile My worry is that it may be a bit too slow to get enough whip actions in there, but I have faith that you can come up with something to speed it up. If you get to it, it might be a good, even fun, idea to add in a level editor of sorts, so that other people, or even yourself, can work on levels easier and keep it fun, even after the main parts are finished (Though, I don't know how well that will fit in with what you want to do). Anyways, be sure to bring some screenshots soon Very Happy
ah, yes, the whip thing would be a problem, but I plan to take a leaf from this game: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/401/40166.html

as you can see, it will be much faster and there is no actual whip-behind-the-back action. Level ediors are probably a no-no, it is going to be a game based on the huge drop from Castlevania's Level 4.

screenshots when I get the sprites done..

edit: I will be using TokenIDE for the sprite work and/or creations, I have no idea how it will integrate with xLib yet...
Woo! Let me know in the Tokens thread if there's anything the sprite editor fails hard at!
Man, you never get too far from Castlevania, do you, Qazz? It sounds like this is a fairly realistically-sized program for the contest deadline, which is good. And I'm of course happy to see you actually doing calculator programming again!
merthsoft wrote:
Woo! Let me know in the Tokens thread if there's anything the sprite editor fails hard at!

haha, sure thing! Just to be sure, the sprite editor is defiantly for integration with xLib then, right? (sorry, I have not used it before and am rather confused on that point x.x)

Kerm, correct, it has been my dream to make a castlevania game for the calculator, but never had xLib before, obviously I can do so now Very Happy
*urgent bump*

Well, I have been working on and off on this, and I am currently in a bit of a predicament and I have no idea how/why it is happening

Notice how when I go too far right, then it starts to jump, and disappear. Anyone know why that happens?[/img]
Not without seeing code :/ Could you post just the line that draws the sprite to the screen? (That should be legal for the contest, since it's just one line).
I'd hate for it to be a strict "no sharing" policy. Qazz, I'd get clarification before sharing.
Heh, alrighty then. Kerm, you think you could just give me a heads up if I can share that little piece of code?
Let's talk in generalities. I'm assuming you're using two BASIC variables, one for X and one for Y. Can you print out the values where it's skipping, and see if they actually skip? Assuming that they do, I could guess that you're accidentally interfering with them somewhere. And I hope you're not using variable Y, because we all know it's a failure.
It starts the skipping/dissapearing act at an X value of roughly 50 (the vars A and B are being used in place of X and Y, respectively)

So, anyone know what the problem is here? If not, may I please post the line of code I am using to display the sprite? I would like to get my project moving on, so help would be appreciated Smile
Not sure what it coupd be. Try running a simple program that just moves an 8x8 sprite around, and see if it has something to do with the size of your sprite you are using. Looking at it, it should be a width of 2 and a height of 16 ish.

It seems reducing the width to 2 fixed the problem.. I had no idea what to use for the width, so I kinda put 10 >.>

Ty player! I can now work on the jumping...

Woo, moar progress. I put in a much sleeker sprite and we have whipping! Now to add jumping... then enemies.. and I am done!

Nicely done Smile You asked me, yesterday, some general algorithms for jumping. Here's what I would try (Though, I've never done jumping well, so... Take it with a grain of salt)
While True:
  if pressed(K_Jump):
    jumptimer = maxtimer
  if jumptimer > maxtimer * (2 / 3):
    y -= 2
  elif jumptimer > maxtimer * (1 / 3):
    y -= 1
  if jumptimer != 0:
    jumptimer -= 1
(Roughly formatted like Python >.>) Then just try varying values of maxtimer. There's probably better ways to do that, but I'm kind of bad at jumping Razz
Catherine, I am curious, from which "if" statement does the perfume gravity "else" apply to? as in, the else the precedes the perfom_gravity() belongs to which if?

EDIT: WOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! Jumping is working perfectly!!!

errm.. *a-hem*

Now, that display of hyperactivity aside
The gravity doesn't look very realistic. You could make it so that the player's velocity accelerates like normal gravity, though you may encounter problems with collision detection.
Hmm, perhaps I should make the sprite go down a little faster, but I am not looking for gravity to be too realistic. I just want it like castlevania, where I would have to say the gravity is on steroids
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