I took long enough to come up with an idea and I've finally settled on this.
It'll be a platformer with procedurally generated dungeons... That's pretty much what I have so far. Here's a sprite sheet that I'm working on:

Yes, the graphics are going to be 4 color on a 160 by 144 screen... Gameboy original specs.

Title screen:

Pause screen mockup:

Dialog boxes:

Animated screenshot of the title screen:
That's some great sprite work; is it your own? If so, very impressive indeed. This therefore is going to be a game submitted under the computer category? Or did you magically get a Prizm and I missed it?
I'm just going to slap it together with Game Maker and hope it holds =p

*Crosses fingers*

And yes; I drew those sprites last night.
Hmm, Gamemaker, you say. I wasn't planning on accepting GameMaker programs into the contest; what could you say that might convince me otherwise? Smile
Doesn't he use GameMaker to prototype games, and then re-write them in C/C++ later? Kaslai, those sprites look great! You need to come help me out with some sprites Razz Will there be a story line to go with everything?
KermMartian wrote:
Hmm, Gamemaker, you say. I wasn't planning on accepting GameMaker programs into the contest; what could you say that might convince me otherwise? Smile

Heh it makes little difference; the end result will just be more rushed and thus more buggy Wink

Good thing I haven't started on the engine yet (Or is that a bad thing? I dunno haha)
I got to programming now! Here's the title screen:
Looking good! Your own fade/dissolve routines, or something that an existing library has? You're doing a great job of reproducing a Gameboy sort of feel as well, in my opinion.
Nope. I'm being lazy.
I'm just screen dooring individual frames in paint and just animating them in game :p
I think the only 3rd party libraries that I'll be using are SDL and SDL_Image (Plus the libraries that SDL_Image uses, such as libjpeg, libpng, zlib, et cetera)
As posted yesterday:

I wrote a chiptune mixer that can handle an arbitrary number of channels (My computer can hold up to 10000000 channels. 20000000 will crash, but it starts getting choppy at around 3000 channels. That's still an unrealistically high number.), each channel can generate one type of sound with 8 bit quality. I can generate square, triangle, and sine waves, and additional wave types are easy to add. It also supports a PCM channel, in which you can specify a buffer (such as the GameBoy originals 64*4bit PCM buffer) or give it a freeform buffer in which you can dump arbitrary amounts of samples.
The thing I like about it the most? It mixes really well and has a slim API Very Happy

Expect chiptunes in this game!

Today's developments:

I've added event scheduling to the synthesizer so that it can handle super rapid beats. The sound output is running at 22050 hz and taking samples in blocks of 512, and the scheduler allows for tone changes within those 512 samples.
I also added some decay modifiers which can modify either the pitch or volume of a channel automatically. You can (anti)decay using linear, quadratic, or exponential changes.

Here are the waveforms in Audacity:

Here they are in a single sound file:

The sound that's being modified is from a sample of a triangle being struck. The waveform is made up of 64 4-bit samples. A Gameboy original is completely capable of making that sound.
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