rfdave wrote:
So each bit is Ack'ed? Works well for a wire connection, less well for an RF link with mucho additional protocol overhead..
Quite so. Smile I almost feel CALCnet is better suited to a wireless link, since it's in bigger chunks that are all one-way at a time, but it has the weakness of time sensitivity. Sad
KermMartian wrote:
Christop, you're absolutely right, I was misremembering a timing diagram for another protocol I was reading about as TI's own protocol. And I totally understand you calling that bi-directional acknowledgement, imagined just what you described, and thought that wasn't what TI does. Smile Thanks for that bit of clarification.

No problem. I actually had to look up the protocol again to make sure that I wasn't misremembering it. I figured you simply forgot how it worked for a moment or something. You probably play with a lot of different protocols all the time so I imagine it's easy to mix them up once in awhile. Smile
Thanks for all the help you guys but I won't be able to do the project this year :/ ... I will be taking an electrical engineering class next year so I decided to wait a year when I will be able to use the schools pre-bought items for the project. Also I will have a little more help from my teachers so that should be helpful also. I'll still be working on the app and hopefully next year I will be able to complete the project. I will make sure to keep all of your ideas in mind and thanks again for your contributions!
Sammi, sorry to hear you won't be doing it this year, but I hope you'll stick around if you need any help with programming for any platform. Smile We'll look forward to helping you when you return to the project, I'm sure.
Hey, that might be fun to do. I myself own a 433MHz RF transmitter and receiver, I might throw something together.
juju2143 wrote:
Hey, that might be fun to do. I myself own a 433MHz RF transmitter and receiver, I might throw something together.
Me too! I got them from Sparkfun, and they're currently busy making the Clove 3 prototype work.
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