Sorry about that :/ I was testing something Razz

Anyways, here's the coolest level, if I do say so myself. Don't click if you don't like spoilers :O
That is looking quite amazing, Leafiness Surprised
I think you have this contest in the bag; I actually want that game really badly now Wink
Okay, I've decided to get off my fat arse and finish this up! I've put off adding text for far too long, so let's get down to business.

I can't guarantee animated text like in the real game, but I should at least be able to get static text working.
Entry has been sent. Here's the README for your viewing pleasure.

My First Quantum Translocator
Cemetech Contest 8 Entry (leafy)

1) Transfer MFQT.8xp to your calculator.
2) Run with your favorite shell.
3) Were you expecting more?

This game is only compatible with 15MHz calculators. Sorry, 83-users, but this is the future! (don't kill me Sad )

This is not a finished product. Far from it, actually.
I was initially planning on adding text to the game for this release, but it proved to be too unwieldy for me to package in this beta. I'll finish it eventually, but not for this contest.

In addition, I've held out giving you guys the ending. Don't hate on me for doing this, but I want something for everybody to look forwards to in the next update.

Because text was not included with the game, the administration has instructed me to include the controls here:

Left, Right : Move
Up : Jump
2nd : Place a shadow
Mode : Translocate
Alpha : Tele-jump (shhhhh...)

The last two levels are currently broken. Please make no attempt to solve them.
Actually, you can, but my collision engine has bugs. Unauthorized activity will result in you being randomly crushed against a wall.

The administration has also instructed me to tell you that the spiky thing in that seemingly empty room is a save point. Don't waste your time trying to avoid it, all it does is fragment your soul.

For those of you who like cheating. Or just can't figure it out. Or are too unintelligent to.
(Did those words deter you?)
Press + to skip to the next level.
(You horrible person)

Kenny and Teddy Lee (Creators of original Flash game)
Cellar Door Games (
Newgrounds (sponsors)

Omnimaga community (
Cemetech community (
Great job finishing and submitting this for contest judging! I am looking forward to testing this, like all programs for the contest. Smile
This is great! I was able to get past the second to last level, but I am stuck on the last one. I'm sure there's a way to beat it, even if I am randomly crushed every now and thenů
Just curious, on the levels with the pits (I forget which numbers) in the middle, is there a way to jump back out or do you just have to kill yourself and start over?
It would also be nice to have the option to turn that cool grayscale background on and off for more detail or more clarity.
I will also (reluctantly, because I've had such fun using it Smile ) say that there is a glitch with the tele-jump. When starting to jump, if you tele-jump you shoot up very high, similar to tele-jumping on a fast moving vertical platform.
Overall, this is a very good game. I have played it several times. Can't wait for the next update!
Glad you enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed judging it. I hope that leafiness will stop by to answer your questions; in the meantime, would you care to Introduce Yourself?
Hey Jt00,

On the level with the pit (I'm assuming you're talking about one of the levels before the first checkpoint) the only way to get out if you don't have a shadow placed is to kill yourself. You restart the level by hitting DEL.

It would be nice to turn off that cool greyscale background, but remember that the player character is white Razz I know, the background can get flickery at times, but I'm in no position to change it at this point.

Yes, I have been told by numerous people about the telejump exploit xD

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