Not sure how to describe it in the short title space Razz Basically, is there a good way to take a bunch of Xs, Ys, and angles and have it act like you are pulling on one side? It would be like a snake game, where you can turn whatever direction you want, and it will pull the line with you realistically, rather than all your old positions just sitting there. I'll be using this for the Contest #8, so general concepts would be better than actual source code (unless the source is general... *shrug*).
You could look in to Verlet integration. It's nice, fast, and most importantly, simple.
Thanks! I did a quick google search and found this which seems to sum everything up pretty well. I'll try to implement it in Python in a bit Smile
Interesting, this is some pretty cool stuff! I'll have to look into this particular algorithm myself at some point.
While we're on the subject, I may as well post this:

It's a 3D implementation of verlet I wrote a while ago. I'd post the source too but...
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