A long time ago I had this game called Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and I found a copy of this game on ebay. Naturally I bought it ($15.00, not a whole lot) and I just got the game today.

It is still in its original package, and the price tag says 44.99, which means this game has been in hiding for quite some time... I am almost not wanting to open this game, maybe it might be worth something... lol

To give you a clue on how old this game is:

OS required: Win 95 required
CPU: Pent 90 or faster required
Mem: 16 MB RAM
cd-rom: 2x cd rom, 4x or above recommended
Graphics card: PCi graphics card required
Sound card: 16 bit sound card

What do you think? Very Happy I really missed this game...
Wow, awesome! 2x CDrom...lol
I've seen older, I recently bought a game that only requires a CD-ROM drive, doesn't have to be 2x, that is old. I am almost scared that the program is so old that you might get some illegal operation (aka, program is trying to directly use the hardware) or that is won't work on anything recent
wow... i used to have a game that only worked on win 3.1... i think... they called it "Alpine Skiing" or something... fun game though...
I used to have a game called Space Wars that ran on our computer that didn't even run a graphical operating system that was not DOS. Scary, huh?
i have x-wing vs. tie fighter!

we should play against each other sometime Wink
KermMartian wrote:

I have no idea, sadly. Sad
Some kind of dinosaur, anyway.
Indeed. Smile
I still have my old MathBlaster CD's that I bought over 8 years ago...Laughing min. requirement 386 processor Laughing
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