Not sure what to call it, so... ideas, send 'em forward. It's a game like Gyruss, where you are constrained to moving around in a circle, and your shots go towards the middle, and you have to shoot down all the baddies. I'm hoping to make the enemies follow... cooler paths, which may mean writing a small scripting language that they use to move around. This is where I'm at currently (not very far, at least in the graphics department).

And, here is a video of what it is modelled after:
Good luck Smile to be honest, I can't quite tell what is going on in those pictures -- but I see lots of circles at least! Good luck, though I still think a whole scripting language for this is a bit overkill, and that "script"-function pointers in the enemy structs would be better. Though I digress, hope it progresses fast either way Smile
Basically, I'm just moving around the screen and shooting as the red circles (the baddies) move in an circular fashion. Didn't realize the pictures sucked that much :/ And yeah, I was pretty much thinking of just having them all point to the same script, but keep their variables separate for each enemy. Right now, I think that might be the best option to get the complex behavior that these guys have.
They're not that bad. And yay, a Prizm game! It looks quite detailed so far to me, nice job.
player, awesome! This reminds me more and more that I need to make a topic soon... probably in about 6 hours
Saw this last night, and it looked absolutely superb Smile good luck!
Sooo, Catherine, how's this going? Do you have an official title for this yet? I enjoyed seeing it on HCWP. Smile
I didn't work on it since then, so if you liked the screens then, you'll like them now Razz I'll try working on it a little later in the week, maybe during HCWP. And, I think I chose the name CIRCLE(S) at that HCWP, which I'm going to eventually make into an acronym (I think that's the right word...), but not right now. Smile
you have finished this project?
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