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Hey all, this is my first project I'm showcasing here!
FreeVox is a voxel engine with (hopefully potentially) high modding capability using Lua 5.3.
It does not do anything by itself (unlike most Voxel games), quite literally everything has to be done from Lua, including new voxel types, world generators, etc., but the main engine introduces a couple abstractions that make it easier.

The engine has addons and worlds. Each world can have it's own unique set of enabled addons, and subworlds called maps (the equivalent of nether & end dimensions). Think of this as Garry's Mod for voxels. This would allow people to make voxel games of any kind, not just sandbox.

I am not hosting any executable as of for now, but have this GIF I made yesterday after getting networking, rendering and addon loading to work! The following was made with two addons, one which generates a terrain using some noise algorithms, and the other introduces two voxel types.
No new pictures, but there's been a giant refactor where now addons can communicate with one another. It was such pain to add that feature so I took a break but now that feature's done.
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