Download link is here!

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Alright, hopefully I can actually get a project into the POTM this time. This will be significantly less impressive than my USB stuff (at least IMO), but hopefully it won't take too long to finish.

If it wasn't immediately obvious from the title, I'm making Mahjong Solitaire for the CE. I'm writing it in C, as assembly's speed isn't a necessity and I find C a bit easier to use for larger projects than ICE. Graphically, I'm loosely basing it off of GNOME's mahjongg, but I am implementing the backend stuff differently.

My implementation uses a 3D array of tiles, with each tile consisting of two bits of "offset" data and six bits of type data. If an offset bit for a particular location in the array is set, the tile is actually located either half a unit to the right or half a unit to the top of where it would normally be. This probably isn't the best way to store the locations of tiles but I'll roll with it.

I'm finished with tile rendering for the most part, here's an sample image which uses the one sprite that I've made so far:

Still left to do: the remaining 35 sprites, formatting starting layouts, generating a level, determining whether a tile is removable (which I have the logic planned out for), handling user input, storing high scores, and the main menu.
Nice progress. Keep up the good work.

Btw, I initially thought this was Minecraft. Very Happy
Another status update: I have most game logic done, including the layout format, level generation, tile removing, and user input handling. Still left to do are the remaining 35 sprites, more layouts, a menu, appvar layout (and tile texture?) loading, and win/lose detection.

Please ignore the temporary number faces. Additionally, a infobar has been added to the bottom of the screen since the screenshot was taken.
Wow that's looking really good! I like the isometric feel Smile
Another status update: I've added all of the sprites, updated the UI a bit, and added a win condition.
Text is really boring so here's a screencap:

All of the tiles were made by me in GIMP. They aren't perfect but not as difficult to tell apart as I though they would be. Here's the full tileset:
Nice username and game, glad to see people still make programs for TIs.
Looks like a few tiles have incorrect isometric views Razz But other than that, pretty spiffy! I'll have to learn how to play haha.
File has been uploaded to the archives. In the meantime, you can download the release or view the source from GitHub.
Edit: Here's the download link

I've also created an archive page on TI-Planet for it, which redirects to the latest GitHub release Smile
Also don't forget to upload it to ticalc so that it can be featured and get voted on for the next POTY Very Happy
This is pretty neat and the code isn't horribly atrocious either Razz Nice work!
I like the UI format. This is amazing Smile , good work.
I have uploaded an update which fixes a bug where you can load a level and immediately lose due to there being no possible moves. Thanks to critor and adriweb for finding and reporting this!

The update is currently in the archive queue, but in the meantime, you can download v1.1 from GitHub.
I played it, and finally completed a level (SunMoon), but when I completed it, I got the message that I lost, and I couldn’t give my name for the highscores. Could you try to fix that?
I'll look into that later today. Thanks for reporting this!
Ok, thanks for responding Smile. Btw, me and my friends really like the game, so thanks for creating it.
Somehow I totally missed this, but it looks awesome! I'll download and give it a play over the weekend.
Hey, just a poke, but could you please place the dl link in the first post so others don't have to look? Smile
I completely missed this too. Glad I found it! This game is really good, and I love the graphics.

The first one I tried to do was the fish arrangement. I actually spent a full hour working through it, but unfortunately I got a game over with only like 2 or 3 dozen matches left to go :/

Yeah, some of the layouts can be pretty hard. I might add a lower difficulty mode with things like the ability to shuffle (for a time penalty), undo and redo buttons, and a generation mode that increases the number of possible moves.
This is amazing! It would be nice to create a Richii Mahjong game using these assets as well xD
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