I'll add a critical hit system to my RPG. It'll actually pretty easy.
Smiling Cat
Then let's go! Very Happy
No calc atm
When I stop being lazy, even for a few seconds, I generally make some program in C#, later to find out the process of which I made the program is now a blur.
Awh. Then that's not being lazy. Very Happy You're just handicapped.
Not to be critical, but I'm not sure this is quite information-filled enough for a normal Cemetech topic. Smile I see five posts, and all I've learned is that your calculator is AWOL, what your next feature to implement is, and that Qazz's programming sessions resemble mine. Wink At any rate, I hope you'll also update your RPG's thread, and it's great to hear that you haven't dropped the project!
Sorry Kerm.
And yeah, I've just been lazy.
Sarah wrote:
Sorry Kerm.
And yeah, I've just been lazy.
Lazy as in unmotivated to work on your programming projects, or lazy as in real life and duties have been preventing you from getting programming time?
I suspect unmotivated, as I've never had real life duties affect my hobby and calling myself lazy as a result. Maybe overwhelmed or busy, but never lazy Razz

In this case, I suspect it hasn't been laziness or busyness, just the fact she's handicapped due to her lack of calculator.
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