I was wondering if it was possible to get ahold of that php blockland server query thing. Like is there somewhere to download it or could I buy it?
It was developed by Kerm, who I'm guessing will either give it to you or not give it to you. He definitely won't sell it.
Well i dont wanna buy to keep....I ment if thats how I could get a copy...But i was just wondering if i could get it so that if for some reason you decided not to host it anymore then i could still use it. Im fine if ur gonna keep hosting it cause i can link to it but...yea....
Hello grim, you may indeed link to it, I have it all set up. In any webpage, type this:

<script language="javascript" src="http://www.cemetech.net/scripts/blstatuscheck.php?a.b.c.d:e"></script>

The a,b,c,d,e are the five numbers you need to know: a through d are your computer's IP address, and e is the port you use for Blockland. You can use * as a wildcard. For example if your IP is static at, but you change your port, use http://www.cemetech.net/scripts/blstatuscheck.php?*. Feel free to ask me more questions if that doesn't clear it up.
Thankz much.
Awesome. Got a link for where this is in use? Smile
YEa sure....Im part of a blockland add-on group called... PTTA....
Our site is...

If you want I can say it was generated by you?
Sure, looks awesome.

how well does this work with TBM?
PTTA? It's only for RTB for now, he said, although he's considering possibly making it an entirely new mod.
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