Thank you for the offer, but it is time that I learn php. Smile
And what better way to learn than to build my very own archive script? Very Happy
Indeed. Are you gonna make it DB-driven? If so, do you plan on multipath, rating, or review support?
Definitely add review support and rating support, but I am not sure about the database thing yet...
You're going to continue using your clicks.php for dl stats though, right?
great, this means a new system for me to learn also. I hope you don't make it too complicated

btw, 1900 posts
lol, well, php can read and write to txt files, so in a sense, it will be like the links.cgi file that Kerm made, just with the download count built in... Smile
Cool. I really should finish my archives PHP script with mysql support so Jon and elfprince can input the data they've been compiling...
then I could use it or something
speaking of webpages, new design for my site

Tell me what you think
Surely superior to the current design. 9.5/10 for the blurry logo
yeah, talked to the creator and we got is solved, did some changes too, should be good now
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