A group of liberals and libertarians are actually going to sue the government over the most dangerous provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act(the bill we need to pass every year in order to have soldiers) and are filing an injunction to prevent it's implementation. I know a number of you had concerns about this(as did I) so I figured I'd share this page with you, from which you can email your lawmaker(if you haven't already) as well as volunteer to be a part of the effort to reverse this bill. I signed on because I want to see how congress reacts on March 1st when they can no longer pay for their soldiers. In the 1780s that didn't work out very well, so I'm guessing they'll hurriedly meet this group's demands and pass another, far less dangerous bill. If they don't though, it'll be interesting to see what happens when a bunch of highly-fit and well-trained soldiers conditioned to kill return home without their promised paychecks...
Do we need soldiers? Not really.
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