Ok, some of you may be aware of the TIPU project i started a while back... (TI Programming Union).

I'm bringing it back now, and i wanted to know if there was anyway to mix it in with the B1337... mainly because TIPU is BASIC oriented right now, and most of the members on the new forums are B1337 certified... (cough, me)... i just moved the forums for the third time this week though...

http://tipu.alex10819.com (IPB 2.0 Smile)
The problem with a programming alliance is a)lack of interest (which B1337 is already suffering from) and b)there already are other 'alliances.'
If you're suggesting merging the TIPU into the 1337, that works for me... Very Happy
I could go for that. When should member forums start apperaing (btw, the subdomain point to the "old" one, not the new one on IPB)
not alliance, Union

I'm not saying merge it, i'm saying some form of partnership... as in We support you, you support us kinda thing...

@rivereye: user forums are gonna be a bit delayed, as i'm currently working out what i can give each member to make it better than before...
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