This is a discussion thread for the compilation of previous contests held at Cemetech. Any assistance that you wish to provide will be greatly appreciated.

The link to the compilation is:
Contest 7: Doors CS theme
Contest 6: Utilities
Contest 5: Puzzle Games
Contest 4: Platformer/sidescroller
Contest 3: 3D Programs and Games
Contest 2: Strategy
Contest 1: Sudoku
I've got copies of all of the entries from contests 5 and 6 archived somewhere, so there's at least one source of any which can't be found.

My entry to the (long-ago) sudoku contest is up on ticalc (and the rewrite, while not strictly relevant, incorporates ideas from the contest).
My entry to Contest #7 can be found in the archives.
The other entries are listed here:
Yumé: I have it on my calculator.
AxeAid (SirCmpwn): Also on my calculator.
Clash of Dimensions (xXEpicxXXxFailXx):
A Simple RPG (Raylin):
Jerry (BrandonW):
TI-Mail (qazz42):
My Flashy DCS Program (Svakk): This is on my calculator.
Swamp Road DE (Xeno_Cre8or): This is also on my calculator.
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