What's your take on this?
Do you think that magic and the like have gotten old?
Do you gag a little when you read another story with mystic powers and such?
Not really.. I love magic and fantasy. Always have. I only wish they were real. That would be really nice.
I enjoy books about "mystical powers" and "magic", but I like science/technology-related fiction more.
Excellent point.
Doesn't answer the question at all.
Also, in your question, I assume you mean fantasy as in fantasy in general, such as occurrences in literature (and possibly games.) If so, I think that it's a bit less popular lately (how many MMO RPGS are all about casting magic? How many book series are about wizards now?) This is unfortunate, I actually don't gag about magic stories as long as they they *include magic in a well woven way into the story*. Not, "I have magic so does everyone it's cool bro let's go zap some Orks and Unicorns", but rather have it as a small role in the natural world that ties the natural to the supernatural, and just livens up a quest (or whatever) with a few extraordinary twists that normal human force cannot alter.
Heh, I love magic and technology. great series like artemis fowl keep it alive.
I don't think it's the idea of magic that matters so much as the way in which it is represented. On the Discworld (which parodies our own world in many ways) magic is almost their equivalent of physics and is handled accordingly which makes it plausible.
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