I like the first more than the second. The second just proved that Riker wasn't much of a commander :p
I might hesitate to call it my favorite, but it's relevant:

The one Star Trek incarnation I ever watched much of was Voyager. That said, nearly anything that involves Borg is worth watching.

Interesting, I don't believe I've seen that before. Makes me want to break out TOS and watch them again :p
One of my favorites had to be the fleet of Federation ships at the end of DS9's "Call to Arms", which was one of the last mass gatherings of ships in Star Trek filmed with studio models, before the transition to full CGI. Unfortunately I can't find a clip of it anywhere. You can see it on Netflix though.
Yeah, the battles DS9 had with the Dominion were pretty awesome.

Another awesome clip Smile
Data, as a bartender:

Customer - "What is it?"
Data - (peers) "It is" (tastes) "it is ..." (pauses) "It is green."

Anyone ever see the 2nd episode of the Animated series, where Spock goes back in time to help himself out as a kid? Anyone else sh!t a brick after comparing that to the early scenes in the new Star Trek movie?
I actually read that in a book, somewhere. They were exploring the Guardian of Forever, and one of the teams were examining Spock's time as a kid (but not him specifically) and because he wasn't there to be the adult assistant, the timeline shifted and no one but Kirk knew him, because Kirk had been with him researching something else. Then he had to go back into the past and help him with one of the ritual training things.
I can't find the video online, but the final countdown for Project Genesis in Star Trek II and the narrow escape by the Enterprise out of the Mutara Nebula was a very awesome scene.

EDIT: though, this one I *can* find:

tifreak8x wrote:

Reminds me of the first battle between the Enterprise and the Reliant in Wrath of Khan Smile
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