Yeah, yeah, I know. This is basically COS, but in assembly, at the request of Anakclusmos. It's a great way to start an OS project. There is a readme and such provided.
AsmOS uses Spasm, and doesn't do anything special as far as the user is concerned. For the programmer, it does a ton. It handles all hardware initialization and provides utility routines. It has a skeleton interrupt, including USB interrupts. On its own, it just sets up hardware and dumps you into a JR $ loop. It's up to you to take this and make awesome things with it.
If you wanted to make PongOS with this, it would take you about an hour. If you want to make your calculator display a smiley face when it starts up, and nothing else, that would take about 5 minutes (most of which would be spent making a smiley face sprite).
There's some details in the readme and such. Post questions here.

i would suggest adding buildxxu to allow linux building, as mono will not always run Build8XU.
It wouldn't work on Mono anyway; I need a special version.
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