So today it was brought to my attention that casio has released an update for the Prizm. While inspecting the update installer I came across a new file format within, at least new to me, the .g3e.

From a quick glance in a hex editor it seems to be a sort of archive format similar to how group files work on the ti-8x series.

I would upload them but the copyrights on them are unknown but its not hard to find them, just start up the OS update installer and go to %APPDATA%\temp\ and search for .g3e's in the folders created at around the time you started the update exe.

I'll post more findings as I go.

EDIT: link to the update file on Casio's site
It's the file format for e-activities Razz
Ok well what do we know other than that? I mean they look to be able to embed other g3* files in them which would be a useful for distributing things such a libraries or pictures with programs. The name e-activity gives me the feeling that there are lots of cool things we may be able to do with them. I'd say documenting them would be a good idea.
E-activities is used for taking notes, putting in math formulas, graphs, pictures, or anything really.
eActivities are kinda like Nspire documents in that they can contain multiple things (like math, text and images) that are all displayed to the user at once. I haven't used it much, but it seems like you can create links to add-ins from eActivities (if the add-in supports it).
Is this update newsworthy? Shall I suggest people apply it to their Prizms? Have we a download link?
Actually this appears to be the same OS update that Casio released back in January. They haven't done much yet to update their site.
z80man wrote:
Actually this appears to be the same OS update that Casio released back in January. They haven't done much yet to update their site.
Ah, fair enough. We need to find someone within Casio to be our contact or liaison; I think there's a lot we could suggest to them to better market the Prizm, and in exchange there's a lot of documentation that would help us out.
Oh god yes documentation please. I'd rather have a full or close to full libc from then than hacking on newlib or something similar. I really really don't like how they have a half implemented libc. IMO we should be using syscalls up to wazoo since we can make programs seem much more integrated into the system then. Sad
TheStorm, the trick is finding them. Simon seems good at that, but he's inexplicably hard to get a hold of and to entice to post here more frequently. I would bet that most of what we need is there already, though.
Hello, we have any g3e editor for computer?
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