I play trumpet. I'm ehhh.... ok-ish at it.

Anyone else play a musical instrument (and no calcs do not count)?
Alto Saxophone. I'm in marching band, which I love. So far, I'm eh at it, and I truly don't see myself being much more than that. A group of us (saxophones) learned how to play parts (or we might be fully finished with it by now?) of Careless Whisper, as well as Epic Sax Guy and we started to learn Nyan Cat (which goes soooo fast x.x).
Piano for 10 years, stopped for the past 6 months for focusing on school. Shall resume once I make sure I can keep school at perfect grades (or at least when I either feel like it again or 'rents make me)

Edit: and after learning recorder in school, I played on my own and got pretty good at it, not really official but I'm also thinking of perhaps picking up an instrument like Ocarina or a heavily modded Sopranino.
I played the oboe in my middle school band and I have been playing piano for about 4 years.
Played trumpet for 9 years, but I haven't since graduation, mostly because I haven't had anyone to play with (or anywhere to play, given the brick walls and tight space of my dorm room).
I play drums and violin.

I am a good drum player and a pretty good violin player. I would be a great violin player but I always freeze up when I have to do a solo. For some reason I am so much more free on drums. I dont care if people look at me. Throw tomatoes at me or boo me.
Trumpet, French Horn, Mellophone, Piano, Various percussion instruments, air guitar, acoustic guitar, etc.
That is quite a list qwerty.
Yup. I play trumpet, and am in a pretty great band program.

This video is from State from last year, where we placed 3rd. The last time we won was in 2008, my freshman year.
In the video I am the first trumpet to play anything. It may be a small solo, but if that's all that's written I'll take it.

Edit: I may as well mention to all the trumpet players here that I'm the one rockin' the high Ds between 6:00 and 6:30 in there. Laughing
I played cello for about 3.5 years, and I was pretty good at it. I now just focus on singing. (Yes, vocal cords are instruments)
I am able to play a large selection of instruments, including pretty much anything you'd see in a marching band, or an orchestra (I used to want to be a professional director). I can also conduct, for the same reason.
However, I only really apply myself to clarinet, and feel that I excel in that regard with nearly 8 years experience. I still play at least weekly, more often if I can find the time.
How do calcs not count?>??

Ahem. Besides that, I play viola, electric violin, acoustic/electric guitar, and to a lesser extent piano, and cello
I played the trumpet when I was in 6th grade (not going back there again), and now I'm in the process of learning how to play acoustic guitar.
I've been playing the violin for about ten years, and I've become pretty advanced in it. I feel shy about performing and improvising, however. I also like to sing, and feel more comfortable there.
I'm kinda starting to learn Guitar but not as much as you may think, its a silver cord i think...
I'm a bassist. ;D

I played alto sax back in middle school band.
Iím 99% me and Ashbad will grow to become great friends, as I am a pianist myself. 6 years, and absolutely passionate about it. I am quite gifted at it too, forgive me for sounding conceited.
Future music major on saxophone!! I've been playing for... wow... 7 years. I play primarily classical music, but I do a bit of jazz too.
People undervalue the saxophone as a classical instrument. Stop the discrimination!!
It is a more parody toy.
Piano? Romantic period music. I adore it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WZ5Jr1Mzlg&feature=related
Stuff like that.
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