I haven't watched the Green Hornet, really want to, can't afford it, so I wanna know what you guys thought about it. Is it as good as the old TV series? I saw the Mythbusters episode on it, and I really think it would be a good movie. Also, Seth Rogen looks EXACTLY like the student band-teacher at my school. (I'll see if I have a picture of him on my camera, when I find it.) Anyway, what did you guys think about it?
I never saw the old tv series, but I thought it definitely stood out among the Comic book movies. It was a lot more comedic than I expected, but it wasn't trying too hard to do so, which is good. That being said, it didn't lack anything in the action department. Overall I loved it. I would go ahead and Redbox it if you get the chance, I would debate buying it flat out though.
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