I decided to be a Hipster today and get a Starbucks. I'm not one to get coffee and I didn't want to order their Hot Chocolate on a warm morning. So, I browsed their menu from off the side their registers. Then I saw Smoothies. I stopped having smoothies when Jamba Juice, another Hipster place, couldn't perfectly blend their smoothies to avoid fruit chunks.

I hated those fruit chunks. Bad Idea

Upon receiving the smoothie, a one size $3.95 before tax drink, I began drinking through the straw. Got a banana chunk. Chewed it. Went for more smoothie, got another banana. Needless to say, I don't think there's any more banana left: taste wise or chunk wise. As I proceeded to my car, they whey protein became apparent. It's not a bad flavor and the chocolate compliments it well.

The texture is like melted ice cream. Smooth and thick, while a little runny. It looks super chocolatey but it's actually pretty subdued, the Whey adds some dark color to the drink.

Idea I recommend it if you've just hit the Gym and need a refresher. It's also perfect for writing a book, a screen play or programming on your Apple Device so your fingers can get some protein after a workout!

Stay hipsters my friends. Graphing Calculator
I've actually had that before! I agree, it's quite delicious. Though I actually got the banana mixed in very well, no chunks of it whatsoever, when I last ordered it.

Hipsters. Graphing Calculator
Thanks for the review. It's good to know where to find good smoothies. I prefer Boloco myself, or to just make my own. We actually had DIY smoothie night in my suite last night.
I didn't have chunks of the banana either. Honestly, I was worried about the whey protein, and the effect it would have on the drink, but it really tasted pretty good.
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