now I ran ION on my 84+SE just fine
Hmm, I heard the display drivers have problems with it. Eh, w/e.
I heard the same thing.
I have never had a display problem, I probably got lucky, I got a very early 84+SE
...but DCS 5.4 and higher have the "safe" drivers! Smile
I used ION back in September 04, when I was new to the calc. The I discovered MOS, and trashed ION. I figured DCS would have the fix, but until it is an app and supports MOS, I am going to have stick with MOS for now.
Completely understandable. Smile
I can't wait to finish 5.4 so I can actually start apping it for 5.5...
at least you understand. Thanks. I hope you do get this solved soon.
Yup, as do I. I really want to get the unstable 5.1 release off
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