krazylegodrummer56 wrote:
Now we need to see Kerm in a fedora. XD
Ask and you shall receive (click to enlarge, please excuse the faux-pas of posting a picture with an ex-girlfriend):

374. You love Doctor Who, as you feel it combines great science fiction with superb cinematography
375. Alternatively, you hate Doctor Who, declaring it to be soft sci-fi that appeals to the masses. Instead, you love X. (for X = values including Battlestar Galatica, Deep Space 9, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Stargate, and much more...)
376. You're sufficiently proud and non-embarrassed of your work with esoteric hobbies to consider presenting them in public fora
377. You find it amusing that YouTube commenters assume your geekiness leaves you "Forewer alone".
378. You own a DeLorean
379. You post in the various incarnations of "* reasons you're a Cemetechian"
380. Your response to "Mac or PC" is "Penguin".
381. You then launch into a rant about why "PC" isn't the correct term.
382: You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
383: You have ascended.
384: 384 times.
385. You have been called an ambassador, king, or even prince of the nerds.
386. You believe calculators are the best tool to learn programming, for anyone
387. Your nine-most-visited websites displayed by your favorite browser when you open a new tab include at least 2 calculator websites, a handful of DIY hardware websites, and possibly a webcomic or three.
388. You have considered making a picture of KermM's hair into a splash screen for an OS.
AHelper wrote:
388. You have considered making a picture of KermM's hair into a splash screen for an OS.

389. You have created an OS specifically for this purpose
390: When someone mentions Doors you feel a need to find your 83+
391: You have sufficient knowledge of a Zilog 80
392: and it isn't about a Spectrum(Sinclaire)
293: People look at you weirdly when you say gnu
394: Glass is no longer something you drink out of, but instead a means to run programs
295: When you tell people to open up a terminal they stare at you blankly until the guy next to you says 'He means the command line.'
296: People think your instance of Task Manager is a really advanced Task Manager.
397: People think it's crazy you use Makefile instead of just "install"
The_Coded wrote:
397: People think it's crazy you use Makefile instead of just "install"


1: wget
2: tar -xf cemetech
3: cd cemetech
4: ./configure
5: make
6: make install
7: ...
8: Profit!
399. You make a calc OS and the first public images say CEMETECH
400 You think about putting a picture of KermM into a ti8x OS.
401: You imagine and hope for the day that Cemetech:The RPG is released on the TI 83/84+ and the Prizm Receives its FPS Sequel "Kerm goes Postal"

402: You own a copy of Kerm's new book₁
I know its a necropost, but
403: People at your school ignore you because they are simply too amazed about what you have for your graphing calculator.
404: You have turned your display to 96x64
necropost in this topic away, we still havent reached the goal yet.

405: you spend 2 hours reading EVERY SINGLE "why your a cemetechian" in this topic.
406: you wonder why #404 isnt missing
407: You get lost writing 320x240 TI-84+CSE programs; it's too many pixels for you
408: You're not sure which you argue more passionately about: the importance of programming calculators, or how Doctor Who has gone downhill with Moffat.
409: You have actually met Kerm face to face
410: You have Cemetech as your home page on Gossamer
411: you havent missed a single hcwp meeting since you found out about it without a very good reason.
412: you wish facebook was designed like cemetech
413: you wish Ti/HP/Casio/[insert faction here] would make an OS that emulates your favorite calculator
414: you feel like making or have made an OS for the above.
415: your desktop is a screenshot of the Cemetech homescreen
416: Every paper you write on has the DCS chevron drawn on it
417: you disdain paper, because it absolutly fails to connect to the cemetech site in monochrome.
418: Your shirt is an exact, working replica of a TI-Nspire/CX/84/83/73/89/etc
419: You have made your calculator grow arms, legs, and a working mouth that has replaced your friends
420. You know what a 'dicshaunary' is
421. You use the term properly when shaun misspells a word a few times.
422. You have at some point explained "0x5" to someone, or ranted against the stain on English that is "laughing out loud".
423. You have a strong stance on the game Minecraft, either for or against.
424. You can't help but think of the HTTP codes for all these Signs (AHelper wanted 417, Not A Teapot)
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