Currantly I am making an all hybrid basic shell
for the ti 83+/84+family

This shell will be called Fiddle

Please post sugestions on features and consepts
you would like to be in Fiddle
You already have a topic, so let's just use that one for now. Once you have screenshots and/or progress, we can start using this thread. Until then, ask questions in your other thread.
I am all ready half way done so i have some progress
You might want to change the name, DrDnar and BrandonW already made a program/app called MicrOS.
ok then i will do that
hey guys I've finished my shell (well the beta at least)

here's a link

i have posted the program at this address

please give feedback

Evil or Very Mad + Graphing Calculator = ti84+ se

because they're ninja[/url]
Please either give a direct link to your program, or upload it to the Beta folder in the Cemetech archives. Some screenshots would help a lot.
i actually did upload it but it said that a moderator had to review it

and i'll post some screenshots
Also, if you want to take animated screenshots, you'll have to use WabbitEmu and press the backspace key to start recording.
wabbitemu doesn't work on my computer
How does it not work? What happens when you try to run it? Did you get a real ROM image from your calculator?
no when i try to run it just comes up with an error box
sorry for double posting but this is an important post

screenshots of my shell!!!

link to download of my shell
BMP pictures don't work in [img] tags and are gigantic, could you convert them to PNG, GIF, or JPG?

Edit: Also, if you want to, you can use SourceCoder to post your code on the forums so that we can help you optimize it and fix bugs.
I accepted your upload. It's a TI-83 shell, not a TI-83+/SE/84+SE file? If that's incorrect, the secondary folder was the wrong one. I'm curious where you got the name Fiddle for your shell.
were i got the name? well i thought of it because when i started it i was originally just "fiddling" around with some XLib functions to make a cursor and other things
You could easily use the DCSB libraries to create a cursor and a GUI. Smile
ya i guess
souvik1997 wrote:
You could easily use the DCSB libraries to create a cursor and a GUI. Smile

Why? Seriously, why? Who the hell wants yet another basic shell? Especially one that depends on a huge assembly shell? No one, that's who. Not a single person.

Creating fiddle or whatever it's called is fine for learning, but nobody actually cares what happens to it.
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