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KermMartian wrote:
PM me for your key



why the hey does it say Cemetech.tk and not Cemetech.net?
lol, wow, I never noticed that... Surprised
Shock That would be me not noticing either. Smile
ok Kerm, how about this, look at http://www.rivereye.net/new

If you look there, the BASIC Elite Logo is invalid, and it is the same code that I used on the index on the main page. Is there a way you can set it up so that it will work on any page and not just index.html? If you do, the BASIC Elite logo will be on every page instead of just the index, a little more publicity.

You may need to do this on a computer that never saw the logo before, or dump your cache. Kuro pointed this out on Rivereye Studios Forum

Repaired link, had riverye instead of rivereye... *TI-Freak*
mines been calling me an imposter for a few days so I took it down till I can figure out what's going on Sad
well, the one on the current index page is good, but I want this to work on all my sites
Try refreshing your page, the pic shows up fine for me.
ok, maybe, but oh well. It was weird thought all of a sudden when Kuro posted that he like the new design, espeacially the void B1337 logo at the bottom. (Rivereye Studios Post)
elfprince - did you change urls or your Cemetech password?
I changed my Cemetech pass word, but then I changed the hash too...
Ohhh, that's why. The hash isn't just your pwd, it's more complex than that. I need to generate you a new one, PM me and I'll send it to you.
the new one you sent me still didn't work.....
PMed you the certifier link and the updated hash - I had forgotten the ref.
where's the link?
Should be in your PMBox.
ah..okay, I didn't see it under the other one.
ok, http://www.rivereye.net

It is not working there, what is up?
did you change your password here?
no, and it is the same link that worked before

[ot]Are you going to use those new images for the tabs that I made?[/ot]
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