KermMartian wrote:
Surely there are programming tricks you can use to maximize code reuse and make the ITEMEFCT program do the work of the MAGIEFCT program, no? If you're not familiar with that, I'm sure we can help you with it, but I'd imagine it's a concept you've seen before.

Well, my ITEMEFCT program takes a value created from ITEMLIST, which creates the current list of four items, and BTLBSE, which controls the entire battle, as well as your selection from the list, and uses it to select which item effect to use.
Alot of my items have similar effects, so I imagine I could combine them somehow, but I haven't wrapped my mind around how to do it.
A good chunk of my items are things such as HP 10 Potion, MP 5 Potion, HP MAX Potion, MP MAX Potion, which restore certain amounts of HP or MP respectively, another good chunk are items that boost your stats permanently.

The thing is, each item has a different message that appears.
Just uploaded a .zip of all my most recent RPG files to the archives.
It's in /prizm/games

BTLBSE controls many aspects of the battle. As of now, magic lists and items lists are now functional.
DIMLISTS is a run once only program. It creates all the lists you'll need so you don't run into any pesky no such list errors while playing. It also erases all saved data for the RPG, which it warns you that it will do.
DMGFRM controls the damage formulas.
EIMSETUP sets up the following things: Strings for item/magic/equip lists, and all the variables in the lists that control equips/magic/items. Hence, EIM.
EXPTBL controls leveling up and amount of EXP needed to level up.
ITEMEFCT controls what happens when you use an item.
ITEMLIST creates and displays the list of items you have and can use.
MAGIEFCT is half finished, controls what happens when you use magic.
MAGILIST creates and displays the list of magic you have and can use.
MAP001-MAP010 still control the maps. Nothing special here, I haven't been working on adding new ones.
MAPDCD decides which map to load based upon your coordinates and current map.
MAPDCD2 decides which map to load based ONLY on the Z variable. Used in situations where a map needs to be reloaded.
MAPLOD renders the current map and sets special property variables.
MAPRND creates a randomly rendered map.
MENU01 displays your stats. It can be accessed by pressing the MENU key while playing the RPG.
MENU02 isn't finished, but as of now, it displays which of the four keys you have obtained.
MENU03 currently displays nothing.
MENU04 tells you what certain icons on the map are.
NMY000 is the new test enemy program. As of right now, he can be faced by walking into a random chest on the first map that is there strictly for testing the magic/items more easily.
NMY001 is the first story battle, a Bandit.
NMY002 is a mouse.
NMY003 is a snake.
NMY004 is a bluebird.
NMYATK controls enemy special attacks.
NMYDCD decides what enemy to load in a random encounter.
NMYDCD2 decides what NMY program to reload based only on the A variable.
NPCTXT takes care of displayed text from NPCs and signs.
NWGAME creates a normal new game.
NWGAMET creates a new game with maximum stats for testing purposes.
RPG controls movement and programs loaded.
SVE saves current game. Is currently broken.
SVESEL lets you select a save slot to load.
SVESL1-3 control save slots, 1 through three, loading them.
TRESRE controls what happens when you open a treasure chest.
ZBTLBSE is a base for special battles.
ZMAPBSE is a map base.
ZNMYBSE is a base for enemies.
I'm going to test this game as soon as possible.
I'm very interested.
Really looked forward to playing it, after looking at the screenshots, features, and all. FIRST RPG ON THE PRIZM! YEAH! AWESOME!

But... I was disappointed in playing it. I don't think my prizm could handle it, or something along those lines. It glitches up when I play it. I ran DIMLISTS first, then ran RPG. Started a new game. Movement was fine, but the little circle character disappeared whenever I went into a row that had a color on it that wasn't black. There were also a lot of things missing on the first map that, the whole right side of the screen pass the mailbox arrow thing, is invisible, except for the arc which is the testbot. I can walk around on the left side, fight the guy on the right side, and that's pretty much it. Saving doesn't work either. Test mode is the same thing, just lets me fight the testbot guy without dying. Since I can't see anything on the right side, I have no idea where the character disappears to, and have no idea where mountains are, and where paths are, etc.

You're still far on your way to finishing up the first Prizm RPG. But a lot of big games start out with having a lot of big bugs.

Edit: After the casio 1.03 update, I can see everything on the right side of the screen. Good job on it so far, gonna go to sleep now, tell you more bugs tomorrow (if any)
I was going to recommend that you grab Prizm OS v1.03, but I see that you figured that out yourself. I assume that almost all of the bugs you found should be fixed by that update, but I look forward to seeing your reports from a second pass.
Saving is currently broken. There's a strange bug with MENU02 that gives a Dimension Error. I believe it has to do with some line of code giving List 6 a wrong dimension, the dimension needs to be 70, but it used to be 35, so I could see it being messed up somewhere that I haven't found.
The EIMSETUP is currently set for testing, it automatically gives you all the equipment, spells, and items.
If you start up RPG and the map doesn't load or anything, you need to exit it and restart it. It's caused by you exiting from a program before returning to the RPG program. Occasionally you may run into a bug caused by you exiting a program while standing on top of a chest, which will cause you to open it immediately upon starting RPG, no matter how many times you restart it. To fix this, simply run NWGAME or NWGAMET by itself, and exit it once it begins loading the map, then running RPG. I looked hard for a fix to this very annoying bug, but I couldn't find exactly why it happens.
The chest on the first map is only there to let me test things in battle against something with high HP. It will be deleted with the final version.
Today I got some things done, but not alot.
I made a new map, which links between MAP005 and MAP006.
I found out I never updated my ZMAPBSE to the latest map model, so I did that.
I found a way to optimize my ITEMEFCT program, so now instead of it taking 4.4 kilobytes, it now takes 2.7 kilobytes.
I believe I may have a bug with items not disappearing from your list even if you no longer have any of them, but I have not really tested it yet.
I need to add some code to MAGIEFCT to prevent you from using a spell if you don't have enough MP.
I also need to finish adding all the spells to MAGIEFCT. Only Frost does anything at this point.
I'm planning on adding a new program, MENU05, which will describe the controls.

Uploaded today's updated RPG files. They can still be found in the same place.
Today's focus: The menu

Added two new programs today, MGATE, which is empty at the moment, but will house the functioning of a special map property at a later point, and MENU04(Changed previous 04 to 05.
I added headers to all of the menus, I added 2 new sections onto the map key menu, one that explains the controls, the other is the 'about', which has the version number, the last update date, and my name, MENU03 houses the equip section, which gives you the stats on your weapon and shield, their name, and lets you change your equips(Haven't actually added the equip changing yet, just everything leading up to it. A new map is added, MAP012, links to MAP008.
Major thing for today: I revised the menu so that all five menu programs now are the same program, MENU. I did this partly to save some space, but more so to prevent that deadly little nesting crash, which will crash the game if you switch between menus too much.
DMGFRM is very slightly revised, List 2[15] is replaced by List 3[List 2[15]+34] for the reason that that will work much better with the equip system to be added.
Going to add a test menu to the menu which will let me warp anywhere and assign myself specific stats or items, etcetera, so I don't need to restart the game just to do so.
I may or may not add a magic section to the menu so you can use healing spells outside of battle.
Sounds like it's all coming together nicely! Any Thing for the future?

I vote for the magic menu outside battle. A lot of games do have that option.
Today I got quite a bit done as well.
Equipment switching is now fully functional for both weapons and shields. Fixed a bug with items that caused items not to be subtracted when used, the bug had to do with a wrong variable being selected, fixed a bug with lists that occurs when the first item of the list is not present, which would allow the user to switch between lists when they weren't supposed to, which would crash the game.
Most magic is now learned by leveling up to certain levels, edited the strings for weapons and shields to remove certain items and replace them with shorter items, one new shield added, shield protection values edited, Item menu section is now Item/Magic, and lets you select between Use Items and Use Magic, but does not actually have the menus for using them yet.
Progress menu now displays the number of magic gates you have opened. Misc minor edits to various other programs.

Will probably upload today's updated files later. Updating first post with a to do list.
Today I added the ability to use magic and items from the menu, and added a new map I didn't finish designing. MGATE now has code in it, but still does nothing. RPG now activates MGATE when you walk into a magic gate. Extended List 3 to hold MP costs for spells.
Needs more screenshots! Smile Great job, keep up the steady work. Are you having any difficulties with any of the coding aspects, or is it going fairly smoothly? Also, I know it's frustrating when people don't comment on incremental updates; I've been there many times myself. Unfortunately or otherwise, people generally get most engaged by colorful screenshots to look at, so that's my recommendation.
Okay, challenge accepted.

Alot of the work on my menu thus far. A small bug at the time of the screenshot of the use magic menu is causing MP cost values to display incorrectly, and is most likely having to do with a certain 79 mistyped as a 77... <<

Uploaded the latest files.
I like the colour, I don't get lost with all that text. Have you integrated colour into other parts of the game as well?
comicIDIOT wrote:
I like the colour, I don't get lost with all that text. Have you integrated colour into other parts of the game as well?

What do you mean exactly?

Color is in most places except the battle screen Mad

I just noticed, I'm missing a screenshot. Hold on, lemme update the post with it.
I was hoping the battle screen would have colour, but I suppose not at your frustrated emote. I like that last screenshot, by the way! I found the blue too close to black however, but it doesn't hurt it since the menu you wish to enter is underlined.
Thanks for posting those screenshots; that helps a lot. I like that you didn't go overboard with using colorful text, and instead used it quite tastefully. Smile You also seem to be making very effective use of all the different symbols the Prizm offers, so kudos for that too.
comicIDIOT wrote:
I was hoping the battle screen would have colour, but I suppose not at your frustrated emote. I like that last screenshot, by the way! I found the blue too close to black however, but it doesn't hurt it since the menu you wish to enter is underlined.

Didn't get much done today, spent most of the day trying to find out how to get the sum of a series of list variables without the whole list and without having to type out List 1[1]+List 1[2]+List 1[3]+... etc
And I failed.
However, I did complete MAP013 and I renovated MAP002. I also tested out colors on the battle screen for Comic's suggestion but decided that for some reason, a red HP bar looked bad. However, the text MP and HP are now blue and red respectively, on the battle screen.

Don't worry Comic, later enemies will have some color.
I just looked it up, and staying true to your IRC request, I decided to post the answer here Wink

The "Sum " command in Prizm Basic only takes one parameter, which is the "List " token and then the list number/name. It adds up all of the values in the list and yields it. If you would want to take the sum of only part of the list, you're going to have to partition that chunk away and then feed it to the Sum function.
Oooo~ Lovin the color in those screenshots Very Happy

I wish there was a better way to save lists so I could more easily port one of my games over to the Prizm. :<
Also, for the Item/Magic menu, the underline is blue when under magic, and green when under Items. Comic said the blue was a bit close to black, so I figured he thought it was the same color for both.
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