souvik1997 wrote:
Do any of your friends have internet at home? If so, you could ask them to install TI-Connect or TiLP and then you could post screenshots.
I actually do have someone who already has TI-Connect and a link cable, so I could just ask him to save the files to his computer and give him my calc to do so. It's always good to have backups of files.

KermMartian wrote:
Or better yet, if you could get one of them to transfer the file to their computer and email it to you, you could use an emulator to take screenshots!
The problem with that is I hardly ever get WIFI. The only time I do get it is when I'm in the city. I rarely go to the city, besides on the bus (spotty WIFI, of course). But I'll ask my friend about that though. Hopefully I'll get in a WIFI zone for more than a few minutes at a time.
Ah, that makes sense; sorry that it's so tough to get online. Sad And yes, it's definitely a good thing to have as many backups as possible made as frequently as possible, so good for you on that.
I sent him a message on Facebook about the CD he has, so I hope he reads it soon. Then again I think I remember him saying something about his internet being messed up. .................... Neutral
adamac17 wrote:
I sent him a message on Facebook about the CD he has, so I hope he reads it soon. Then again I think I remember him saying something about his internet being messed up. .................... Neutral
That's unfortunate. Sad Is the $20 cost of a SilverLink prohibitive for you? If the problem is parentals and buying things online, I think that some office supply stores might still carry them.
Not for me, but I could TRY (keyword try) to get one for Christmas. Can't guarantee I'll get one though.

Progress on ARG 6 is being made as we speak. Will put more in near day's end. I still need to find a way to backup my files (and put DoorsCS on my calc, so I can separate the subprograms associated with the ARG series)(This way I can tell which ones go with a single ARG game). Hopefully I'll get to go to my cousin's apartment this weekend and be able to bring my mom's computer so I can get WIFI and try to backup my files and download DoorsCS.

I have started back on ARG 6 as of yesterday. But now I have a question: would the randomizer that is used in VB word the same way in TI Basic? BecauseI have the user look at a list of weapons. They pick one, use it against a guard, the weapon either breaks on contact, or is out of ammo, they go back to get another one (6 weapons in all), they get back to the weapons menu and the one they used is either blacked out or absent.

EDIT: I really need an answer to this question soon so I can finish the ARG series.
According to this, the rnd() function returns a number between zero and one, like rand in TI Basic. For example, to get a random number between 2 and 4, you could do Int(3*rnd())+2.
Is there anything on making an option absent or blacked out when you use something without adding another menu?
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