elfprince13 wrote:
In fact, Ballmer just announced that they are actively pursuing Metro-izing Office. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9220091/Microsoft_CEO_hints_at_Metro_ization_of_Office

I'm sure they'll do it, but it'll likely be a cut-down version of Office similar to previous cut-down versions of Office and there will still be regular desktop Office.

KermMartian wrote:
They have hard drives and big, high-res screens, and on top of all that, I can use the digitizer to draw and sketch and take notes. A tablet is an underpowered, overpriced screen backed with annoying specs, a generally weak digitizer, and a painful OS. No keyboard. No desktop-OS applications (except, I guess, with Windows Cool.

My tablet has a 64GB SSD, 1366x768 display, 2GB RAM and a 1.66 GHz CPU. It may not have a physical keyboard but I can plug one in if need be (and that would be far better than any physical keyboard that you would get on a laptop). I've never been a fan of laptops - they're too uncomfortable for serious use, and too bulky for practical portability. Having a desktop and a tablet puts me comfortably at both ends of the spectrum.
Do. Not. Want.

elfprince13 wrote:

As was said in one of the comments, this isn't inherently in Windows 8, but only in specific apps, most notably replicate Bing's functionality (Bing, Weather, News, etc.). Other default apps, such as Mail, People, Calendar, Messaging, and Skydrive, do not do this, and those are the ones you'd use more anyway.

However, this is done through an API for people who want to distribute free apps and still earn money for them, so some other apps, including Microsoft Minesweeper, also have ads in the same spot. In fact, I think it would be fun to have billboards in a driving game or a "Monster Eats the City" game display actual ads. Smile
elfprince13 wrote:

Oh wow, I've never used the metro apps so I didn't even notice. Click desktop mode, enjoy a slightly faster Win 7 with a better kernel - ad free Very Happy

Compynerd255 wrote:
In fact, I think it would be fun to have billboards in a driving game or a "Monster Eats the City" game display actual ads. Smile

Real games have tried this, it's not fun.
How much work does it take to fix the bad things (Ribbon) they did to Explorer and get a functioning start menu back?
elfprince13 wrote:
How much work does it take to fix the bad things (Ribbon) they did to Explorer and get a functioning start menu back?

Unlike in the beta/rc, the explorer doesn't default to showing the ribbon. You get file/home/share/view menu, and on the far right side a little down arrow that opens the ribbon.

There isn't an old start menu, period. You can download apps that add one back, but there's not a setting or anything for it. I don't miss it much, most stuff I do with the pinned apps anyway.

The most annoying crap is stuff you probably haven't considered. The removal of Aero means the desktop looks like windows basic - kind of ugly. Livable, but ugly. Even worse, though, is that updates will *force restart your computer even if you're using it*. You get a giant popup that says your computer will reboot in 15 minutes, period. Hurry up and save! Fortunately if you have the Pro version (which I do) a little local policy edit will kill that with fire.

I got win 8 pro for $15 and got the free media pack that adds back DVD playback - but even then I'd call it questionable as to whether or not it's worth it. If you don't care about the networking, file operations, and task manager improvements there really isn't anything here.
Yeah, I think I'm holding out for 9.
Wow, based on those facts, I'm definitely sticking with Windows 7 when I get an SSD for my desktop and wipe it clean. Thanks for the details, Kllrnohj.
Well, looks like I'll be holding onto my Win7 installation disk for the next few years.

I tried Win8 at my friend's house.. eh, it didn't seem that big an improvement. It wasn't anything special and the metro area seemed like dead weight. I'll wait for 9 too, unless that turns out to be even worse x.x
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