In a sense I'm very happy to hear both that it's fun enough to play for that many hours, and that it's gone bug-free for so long. I think you'll be equally excited about my next Prizm project, if you're enjoying Obliterate that much. So it froze when the bullet hit the right edge of the screen? did the bullet disappear, by any chance? If so, I have a suspicion, but it's an odd one. Do you happen to remember where it struck, and what kind of a trajectory it was in?
Is there any chance that you can improve Oblit by scaling it down? I can see that size being right for a ti84 screen, but everything is way too big for the prizm screen. Smile I am not saying to make it side scrolling (yay!), just so make the tanks much smaller.
For those of you who have gotten an fx-CG50, I have updated Obliterate for the new calculator. It runs almost too fast on the Casio fx-CG50, to my amusement.

[Prizm] Obliterate 1.0
No file? Confused
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