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I am workin on one...
K, if anyone runs across one that they would like me to review, let me know. Smile
If I had one of my projects actually complete, you could do one of them...
Well, I'll keep looking around.
On that note, once I kill all the bugs I can find in aod82/83/83+/85/86, Where would one submit the games for 1337ness? Very Happy
You mean to get 1337 official status?
For the programs, yes.
K, I think that could probably be arranged.
Interesting prog, although the description starts out n00bishly:
Oops, I still need to review a game...
Yar, so do I Smile
Also, we need to get people (including ourselves) to do a quick writeup of whatever projects we have in the works.
Yeah... http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/tifreak8x/main.htm

That is a list of my projects, the only pages I believe are complete are for the AOD series, and most of the pages for the RPGSK are available. All other page will redirect you to my 404 page...
Dealio. I'll put one together for me.
I still need to finish mine. *sigh* Maybe I can get both tutorials complete tonight, so I can get back on the projects pages.

Do you like how it is set up so far? Anything I should change?
you want a short description of my projects?

Currently Rivereye Studios is currently moving to a new site design, same location though. Even though it is not finished yet, it has been made the main section of the site.
Once this is done, we will continue work on the RPG project that was stalled to make way for the new site. There is a complete working and bugless walking engine availible at http://www.rivereye.net/A.zip Work on the battle engine will be started soon, then the intergration of the two. After that, releases will be on a limited scale to not reveal the story line. If you wish to become one of the testers, please visit the forums at http://www.rivereye.net/forums and let me know.
Here's one for me.

Cemetech's most important project at the moment is Doors CS. I am moving steadily towards a completely stable version that I will release as Doors CS 5.4, which will then be converted into an app as Doors CS 5.5. Once this is complete, I shall add the various features that will eventually turn it into Doors CS 6. In addition, I am producing a website to be the new dedicated home of Doors CS; it can be found at http://DoorsCS.cemetech.net . Cemetech's second most important project is SourceCoder 2, which despite the recent departure of Brazucs should still go to completion. Finally, the Cemetech website will be undergoing the usual performance tweaks and occasional improvements over time.
Do you want me to do a paragraph form of my projects?
Please do. Then I'll be able to start putting this shizzle together Smile
Aight, I will start figuring out how I want it worded...
hopefully UTI gets the Basic Contest results out, so I can publicize my project for that.

You're still using my article right?
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