Word. We might actually get this out on time... Shock
don't sound so pessimistic... that's my thing!

i'll gladly do the TIPU article...

oh, btw... we're gonna get this one ready EARLY
dealio. The trick is to get material in then. Smile
I guess I will find a game to review...
I've been looking through the ticalc.org archives for something worthy...
Well, I have the entire 82/85/86/89 BASIC Games section on disc, And about half the 83+... Smile I don't have to wait for that crappy page to load anymore...
What all can i do (other than review games), so far as writing is concerned? I kinda like writing articles, but i don't have any particular article inspiration at the moment...
You could always keep an eye out for b1337ness type projects that are bein worked on...
Yeah, definitely. Troll around UTI, MC, Ti-News, etc.
ok, will do Smile
Good good. Post whatever you find so we can write some stuff too! Smile

During the summer of 2005, while I was hanging around on the Cemetech forums, I realized the need for a way to unify as many of the TI programming groups as possible, but in a way so that it would not infringe on their individuality in any way. I gave the idea some thought, and came up with the idea of TIPU (TI Programming Union). With a little help from some of the guys over at Cemetech, I started up a small site for TIPU (at the time, I somehow managed to get the letters mixed up, but that's another story), and got several members. However, owing to the lack of activity in the TI community over the summer, TIPU collapsed from sheer lack of activity.

Of course, I still thought about TIPU, and wondered about bringing it back, though I wasn't sure about popular opinion. That abruptly changed when a former member, Rivereye, asked if I was planning on bringing TIPU back. A little shocked, I decided to see what I could do. I also decided to bring TIPU back, bigger and better than before. New and prior members are invited to join at the new forums, which can be found at http://tipu.alex10819.com , and see exactly what all new members can get. Membership at the old TIPU merely got you a link to your site, but membership at the new and improved TIPU entitles you to a link, personal forum, access to an exclusive IRC channel, and several other benefits.

TIPU is about more than just another collection of links, TIPU is about helping new programmers get a foot in the door, while also preserving the community's integrity. With cooperation through TIPU, which has been designated a Flame-Free zone, programmers from all corners of the TI community can attempt to reach out to others. I truly believe that TIPU could lead to the strengthening of the TI community as a whole, not just a few people who feel like joining up.

TIPU is directly associated with the TI-BASIC 1337 Newsletter/Group, Rivereye Studios, Cemetech, Alex10819 Productions, and several other prominent members of the TI community.

Anyone who has suggestions for this is welcome to put them forward...
very good, I like it
/me goes to check out the site really quick
/me checks out the site too. Nice article, I might actually start putting this issue together!
I should still get my RPG article together. I think we should have a section in each newsletter that focuses on a members projecs/programs
Eem...we already do... Very Happy
Kerm, can you make your little TiCalc.org stats script generate a pic?</offtopic>

anyway, how goes production?

and Alex, I posted a request to join TIPU
erm, haven't you seen my sig? Smile
elfprince: of course you can... but you already knew that

hmm... interesting...
so anyway, we need some reviews for the next issue.
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