CalebHansberry wrote:
seana11 wrote:
Wow. Fail. But funny. That's pure comedy. Smile

Thank you so much. I know I'm just the Cemetech Sit-Down(or Let-Down as my younger brother says) Comedian. Believe me, I have done many other hilarious acts(like, I won't mention the one about my cellphone), this one is just the most devastating to me, and hilarious to everyone else.

pfft, you can't beat the extremely idiotic thing I did, involving a battery and a house current. I think Kerm already yell at me for it though Razz
qazz42 wrote:
pfft, you can't beat the extremely idiotic thing I did, involving a battery and a house current. I think Kerm already yell at me for it though Razz

Oh my. Did you connect a battery directly to the mains? If so, how large was the explosion? Very Happy
Well, hopefully it was a NiMH battery.
Well, thank you for all kind condolances.

However, I thought, "This is Cemetech! Surely if anyone can help, it won't be the computer technician downtown. No, it would be Cemetech! The pros have said it is impossible, so I will go to the hackers." Can we not do any better than this? Like perhaps DShiznit's idea?
I can't quite see what you have going in that picture; would you mind helping us by describing what we're looking at there?
Unfortunately, unlike in simpler curcuits, I doubt DShiznits idea will work, especially since the first few components, like regulators, tend to die in a way that allows them to fry further circuitry. Plus, good luck finding a datasheet on that mobo, with a parts list. You're also going to have a horrible time testing every single part, and if it turns out to be a custom IC then you're out of luck anyways (Which I find highly likely)

You might be able to salvage a great deal of parts, but you're probably never going to see it run as a whole again.
@Kerm: That is the motherboard. I would like to know what is blown, even if there is no way of fixing it.

@Willrandship: Perhaps you are right. I do not claim to be the techy around here. Regardless:

I will be unable to continue this project for a while now, whatever could be continued. We will be moving from the beautiful Willamette valley to the eastern plains of Colorado hopefully within the year, so I will be too busy. In addition, I have purchased jointly with my brother another vintage laptop, made by Zeos. It fulfilles most of my old-laptop needs, and thankfully I was able to get all my information off of the hard drive after the GRiD died.
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