I got mine today! I will post pics later(I am on the Wii).

Edit: Here they are,
It's Tuesday night, and I still haven't gotten a response from someone at Casio about my code :/ Should I try resending, or give it a couple more days?
Same for me -- it's been a week, and nobody's replied.

Maybe the person we're emailing is on vacation or something?
Not sure. I did send another email, though, so I'll see how that goes.
So did I, and I put my offer code and Prizm serial number in it, in case that was what they were waiting for.
Souvik was saying that they believed him without needing any of his codes or serial numbers. I included my code, but not my serial, this time.
can't wait for monday. (ETA for my skins)
ehehe i got my skin today!

Helder: Nice!
_player, I didn't need to include my serial number either, although I of course wouldn't do this if I didn't have a real calculator to skin. Helder, looks great! I love how you loaded a picture that completes the skin. Krazy, great, hope it comes soon!
Nickey responded and I have now ordered my skin! Smile It looks like it will be here in 2-5 days (The free shipping one Razz)
Got my skins today!

gues what I got.....

My skins XD XD

They're early.
I am honored at that Cemetech logo! Everyone, don't forget that this expires at the end of March if you didn't do it already
_player1537 wrote:
Nickey responded and I have now ordered my skin! Smile It looks like it will be here in 2-5 days (The free shipping one Razz)
Same for me! I ordered a Portal-themed skin this afternoon. I'll post pics when it arrives Smile
Mine ship(s|ed) today Smile
Deep Thought and Catherine, I'm looking forward to pictures of both of your calculators' new skins.
Designing second skin. Pic of progress:

What else should I put on it?
Hmm, something abstract in the center? Also, I still want someone to try to make a TI-84+/SE skin for the Prizm. Very Happy
That's what I was considering. "What kind of calculator is that?" "TI-84+ Silver Edition"

How about this?
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