I ran a 24x24 BMP of orange color, FF7E13 through SourceCoder to be displayed as a sprite. In my program, I use CopySprite to display it to the screen. The problem is, it's pink! ...I can live with that, but I'd prefer orange.

Has anyone else noticed this kind of mass desaturation occuring in either SourceCoder, or the Prizm SDK? I'm pretty sure it's a hardware thing, maybe specific to manufacturing defects in my Prizm.

On an unrelated note, Weregoose showed me a fantastic website, http://colorschemedesigner.com
I say it's just a normal side effect of filtering down the Red and Blue channels more than the Green channel. I personally haven't run into that yet; could you show us a picture example?
Hm. I think it's just a hardware thing, maybe it has to do with my brightness? Because on Screen Receiver, it looks fine.
It could possibly be the brightness or the LCD too. I know, for example, that on the FX-9850G emulators, we had leaf green, royal blue and red-ish orange, but on the actual calc, leaf green was like dark turquoise and orange was red.
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