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TI-Freak8x wrote:
Do you have anything to add to the expr( or the End of If parts of the article, JPez? Smile

I DO! don't use this for speed critical sections of your game Wink (the basic parser is too stupid to realize that var + 0 -> var does nothing, and will do it anyway, therefore taking up precious CPU time to do nothing - whereas the if statement will take up more space, but would be faster if the result of the boolean comparison is untrue; and storing to a var or list can take a good amount of time, so would slow your game down alot if it is always happening)
Indeed. I'm working on my articles.
Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
Well it's not really the end of If, just cases where If determines if an arithmetic operation is to be carried out. (After all, I did include something like this in the 1337 guide.) However, that list of lists thing with expr( is really clever, I like it a lot! Very Happy

Credit goes to CDI on Omnimaga for that partially, since I couldn't remember where itwas in the forum, just that he said it was possible with it. Smile
Ah, very true Kllrnohj!
Tanks 89 Review:

Graphics: 7/10 - Simple, but well enough made to play the game
Controls: 8/10 - Easy enough to pick up on, but read the readme!
Gameplay: 9/10 - The game is fast, and it follows fairly well with scorched earth.
Replay value: 9/10 - With random levels, ability to have varying wind speed/direction, this game is always fun to play.

File Link: http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/ainfo/79.htm


The author (Andy Dufilie) did a fairly good job with bringing a 'Scorched Earth" clone to the 89, using BASIC. The game generates random terrains, so you will never play in the same area twice. There is an option at the beginning that allows you to have a set speed and direction for wind, or allow it to change speeds and direction at every turn, which adds to the difficulty of the game. You are allowed 5 different type of missiles, depending on how much money you have earned. They don't have any names, but they do have different explosion radii.

The AI in the game can be somewhat challenging, though I have come across a couple times where I have no idea what it is thinking. The more you blast it, the more it wastes its money on shields until it has no money left. Also, once it figues out the angles and power neccessary to hit you, it will hit you with everything it can produce.

The wind speed and direction does interfere with the missle, if you are firing into it, and don't have enough power, it will come back at you. If you start taking damage, you will begin to lose the ability to move the turret, and you will begin to loose maximum power available to shoot missles, which can hurt you just as badly.

It is an overall good game, and I found no bugs while playing it. Smile
MAde a few spelling and grammar changes, otherwise, looks awesome. I'll try to post my stuff once I get this bah humbug CS102 program out of the way.
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