A while ago I wrote a 3d renderer in TiBasic while trying to understand how opengl works. I forgot about it for a while. So I recently found it again, so figured I'd post it. Thanks to Deep Thought for typing it out, for I have lost my comp > calc cable.

On my ti84SE it can break 1 FPS rendering a wireframe cube. It renders ~12.8 lines/sec in 3d. should scale linearly. Requires xLib

Download link:
Whoops, forgot to include the matrix file when I sent him the ZIP. Here's [D], which contains the data for his program: http://www.mediafire.com/?27u7nvhawllp4qy

And here's a screenshot of what it looks like.

If you want to render your own shapes the [D] matrix is just a list of 4d points, so the first column is the first point, and the second column is the second point, etc. They are "4d" because the transformation matrices are 4x4, so just put "1" as the 4th dimension. The program draws lines between points 1-2, 3-4 etc. so the matrix will be 4x2E where E is the number edges.
TI-BASIC is where I learned 3D programming for the very first time, so it always makes me happy to see this kind of stuff! Smile Nice work!

I had made this kind of program from scratch at least 4 times over at very different times, each time trying to see if I could do it better. If you like, you can compare to my program which uses transformation matrices (much like in OpenGL or, any GL really); though it won't be as fast as yours, since you use xLib
Ah yes, I remember investigating this way way back in the day. I even managed to create three different perspective renders with rotation that sort of worked before I read the proper way to do it, although sadly I never released them. Freezway, are you aware of SourceCoder for your typing-out-programs needs?
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