Stick some labels on the keys and you have a giant calculator!
I do not approve Sad. Maybe if you moved the keys around so it kind of resembled a calculator, sure. Though, you should use that old laptop for coding (Like I do \o/). (not really much to add :/)
Or you could save yourself 95% of the weight and get 20 or 100 times the battery life and just use a normal graphing calculator. Razz
Hook a bunch of old laptops together in a hexagonal shape and call it a TARDIS console. Just remember to add the obligatory hammer, ketchup and mustard, and wibbly lever Very Happy

For added fun, include bow tie, suspenders, fez, and a sonic screwdriver Smile
How about the Blue Boring Switches? Wink
What blue switches? There are no blue switches! ;D
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