This was one of my projects that I did with a classmate during my coding class. It was based off of an old algorithm that he made up during elementary school and we both decided that it would be pretty neat to turn it into a program that is easy to encipher and decipher.



Text: We the people of the United States

Enciphered: ~tteoohsSih`ete`ntep`tdU`l`eae`fpeW
Very nice! Would you mind explaining how the cipher works?
Sure, I'll go through the ciphering process

Input Text: Hello World!
Encryption Level: 5
Output: ~lo~rl~ol!Wed`H

First, the program splits the text entered into a number of lines that depends on what the user types in for the Encyption Level field.

The number in the Encryption Level field tells the program how many characters are in each line.

So, if we rearrange the text into this format, it would look like this:



The program then replaces spaces with ` and extra space on the last line with ~ until the number of characters on the last line is equal to the Encryption Level (5).



Next, the program reads the lines downward like this:



And finally, the text is reversed and it is done.



One of the only flaws with my ciphering program is that if the user types in ` or ~ as some of their characters, it assumes that they are spaces and filler spaces respectively. But since those characters are rarely used in normal conversation, I don't think it should be a problem.
Interesting cipher, kpa! Reminds me of the cipher game we had going on here some while back. I made a couple of pretty simple ciphers myself, such as this little one:


Thou shalt honor thy Brother, protect thy Mother, and take thine Father to ye olde ball game.

1010101 0111711 01a261n 0020202 00s000f 0000000 0111711 00a100n 0172317 0010101 00s000f 0111711 01a261n 0192519 01a261n 01f311s 00s000f 0010101 0111711 0060606 00s000f 10b110o 01f311s 01a261n 0010101 0111711 00e140r 01f311s 00p020c 00s000f 01b271o 01f311s 01a261n 0010101 00e140r 00c120p 0010101 00s000f 0010101 0111711 0060606 00s000f 1182418 01a261n 0010101 0111711 00e140r 01f311s 00p020c 00s000f 00a100n 0192519 00d130q 00s000f 0010101 00a100n 0162216 00e140r 00s000f 0010101 0111711 0142014 0192519 00e140r 00s000f 10f150s 00a100n 0010101 0111711 00e140r 01f311s 00s000f 0010101 01a261n 00s000f 0060606 00e140r 00s000f 01a261n 0172317 00d130q 00e140r 00s000f 00b110o 00a100n 0172317 0172317 00s000f 0101610 00a100n 0182418 00e140r 00p010c

I.. uh... don't remember how it works off the top of my head anymore, though Laughing
Ahhhhh, very clever, kpa. Smile I've used that kind of cipher before. And you should indeed check out the topic that Tsukasa is referring to and perhaps consider bumping it:
Wow, after viewing all of the ciphers that yall came up with, my friend's cipher feels very insecure Smile I'll be sure to show him all of the ciphers that you guys were able to come up with because he is really into those types of things.

The credit for the original algorithm should go toward my friend, I was just the one that programmed it.

Also, I am interested in that other thread. I have no idea on how to even start with weregoose's cipher, but in the meantime I think I will try to come up with my own difficult cipher.
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