So, the qualification rounds have already passed, and therefore no one else can join, but I figured we needed a topic for it Smile Google Code Jam is, basically, a programming competition that has several rounds for you to write programs for. Each round gives you several types of programs to write (or, at least, several problems to solve), and you have to solve a number of them within a given time period, and with as few incorrect submissions as possible. I want to see who else is doing them, and what they thought of the problems they gave us for the qualification rounds Smile I did the first one, Googlerese, and the second, Dancing With Googlers. I tried the third one, Recycled Numbers, but... I still don't know what's wrong with it. The last one I didn't try at all.

So, what are Cemetech's thoughts on these? Smile
Heheh, I attempted to solve the qualifying problems, thanks to coercion on your part, but I couldn't even get past the first... oh well, it was still a good experience for me as it prompted me to learn a bit more about using System.IO in C# applications.
I r so disappoint in you, Cemetech Sad More people should have done this than just Qazz and I (And Qazz only because I nagged him about it Razz). Kllrnohj would be disappointed.

That said, if you like the puzzles that Code Jam gives you (I love them Very Happy), then you'll also find these puzzles to be fun. And, of course, practice! I'm so glad I did, since I had experience with reading in numbers, which is more than half of this competition.
I fairly easily did the qualifying problems, but I can't enter it, as you said, now. I just didn't know about it.
Huh, I didn't hear about this in time Sad
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