Foremost, they are virtually unlimited. From what has been observed, the power sources use some manner of human emotion as a catalyst and the amount of power they put out is directly proportional to the intensity of that emotion. However, there is a baseline energy output (all humans will, at the very least, cause an amount N of energy to be outputted).

Second, powerful weapons do exist, but ungodly levels of red tape has prevented usage of them. The variable combiner is part of a trans-dimensional storyline that links my own created universe with a friend's universe. In that friend's universe, the world is devastated and war-torn. Resources aren't exactly easy to come by so creating super weapons isn't exactly easy. While the people of my universe could easily send all that stuff over, government red tape disallows it.
Oh so it's all Obama's fault. I get it.
Hahah, no. All but one of my currently built and WIP mechas are Japanese in origin, the remaining one being of Russian design.

Most of the red tape comes from Article 9 and 9-2 of the Showa Constitution, which allows for a self defense force (the JSDF) to exist, but forbids active aggressive military involvement or declaration of war. In my storyline universe, this is often (mis-)interpreted by the Japanese Prime Minister and his cabinet in such a manner as to prohibit usage or creation of various technologies that would have been helpful. In this particular case, the Prime Minster had declared the act of giving a super weapon away to another sovereign entity as an act of participating in and condoning war.
Nearly finished rebuild model, UHCM-01 (Unidentified Humanoid Combat Machine 01) "Super Hub"

Have some info excerpt:
Vaguely visually reminiscent and registering with the energy sign* of the MAS-001 Hub.ZX Spec3, this unit appeared on the battlefield as an allied unit against [ENEMY DATA REDACTED CUZ SPOILERS]. According to rudimentary telemetry, the unit was unmanned and produced a level of power far beyond the scale of current power charts.

Theoretically, the data indicates this unit has to be MAS-001 but logically it cannot be, as MAS-001 and MAS-005 were permanently decommissioned in Year 21XX, replaced by what were considered to be the technologically superior MAS2-001 and MAS2-002. Beyond this, unit 001 was genetic and neural-locked**, and thus operable only by pilot Ishikawa Hikaru or his direct genetic descendants. At the time, no applicable pilots were available to commandeer the unit.

The unit's existence persisted for 5 Earth minutes before it disappeared.

*All MAS and MAS2 units use the same power source, a crystal called a "Lifestone". Each "Lifestone" emits a uniquely recognizable energy pattern referred to as an "energy sign"
**To prevent potential misuse of MAS and MAS2 units by unauthorized persons, each unit is locked such that only persons with the same brainwave pattern as the registered pilot(s) (eg the actual pilots) can activate and control them. Later, MAS-001 is genetically locked at the ineffaceable AI level such that only Ishikawa can pilot it. Removal of the lock by anybody else would require full AI removal which would irreparably damage the unit.

The "head" looks a little off to me, but over all looking nice TsukasaZX!
I was never very good at making mecha heads, heh. The original Hub's head was a horribly shoddy thing. I'm almost glad to have finally replaced it Laughing

TheStorm wrote:
The "head" looks a little off to me, but over all looking nice TsukasaZX!
Precisely seconded. The head just looks a tad less than epic to me to go on such an epic body. Smile Well done thus far!
If you only need to match the genetics or brainwaves of the pilot, could an enemy not use genetic engineering to make themselves compatible, and thus steal a bunch of mechs to use against you?
The war was somewhat two-front. Besides the given enemy, there was also an internal civil war of sorts between the JSDF/JGDF (MAS Division etc) and the Japanese federal government, what with the PM and cabinet abusing red tape to the point of near total inhibition.

The neural locks were there to prevent the government taking or tampering with the MAS units without the MAS Division knowing.

During the war, the enemy explicitly affirmed it had no desire to steal the MAS units as it had hundreds if not thousands of military units of its own. Egotistical and delusional, the enemy believed it could take out anything thrown against it. And, if somehow the good guys did win, they expressed that, ultimately, they wouldn't even be above crashing their own Dreadnought (city-size carrier ship [yes, it too is part of this storyline]) into Tokyo and detonating the engines, an act that would veritably annihilate the whole country.

The enemy was always delusional and crazy. Probably the only reason they haven't completely obliterated the good guys in 30 minutes or less.

[edit] The Japanese gov't, due to certain religionVscience debates, decided that human cloning and genetic engineering for reasons other than protecting the health of a potential life were basically amoral and so that was sort of their weakness. The MAS Division knew the Japanese gov't probably wouldn't ever cut its own red tape and create a fake pilot solely to steal one or more MAS units.
So in your fiction there are no shadow groups with their own agendas, acting in secret outside the public eye and outside the law?
There are a few and they do some nefarious things, but MAS hijacking isn't one of their accomplished feats. The storyline spans 150 years and starts in 20XX, which is technologically identical to our current time period. Genetic engineering isn't super advanced. Later in the storyline, it does get more sophisticated, but at that point, hijacking doesn't become an issue due to a unique aspect of the MAS AIs.

There are reasons for this.

Also, even though they aren't necessarily hijacked, it doesn't mean MAS units don't ever end up as oppositional units. 3 of them actually do.
Sorry if inappropriate bump is inappropriate, but made some upgrades:

Either I suck at photographs or my iPod sucks at images, heh. Still not done modifying the mecha.
So is this one going to transform at all?
Nope, although you can mix and match legs and torsos between any MAS and MAS2 unit for lulz.

Also, I knocked over Izanami and broke it on accident. It now stands on my dresser next to Super Hub and DaiVarion Zero, flaunting its big gaping chest wound. >_>
I have been working on this one single leg for hours. This will be my largest mecha yet, done in the style of classic Super Robots.

Oh cool. Reminds me of the old Power Ranger's megazords...
My new project, codenamed Zettaizer has some more progress.

I modified the lower leg to have a bit bigger frontal armor and a booster in back. Lengthened the upper leg and slimmed the joint so it can bend better.

(Failed) prototype torso. The top hinge bit is part of its "CHEST OPEN" technique (based off of Gaiking's "Face Open" technique) which allows it to gather more energy to get stronger, but at the risk of overloading it.

The chest itself separates into three pieces: pelvis, white ring, rest of torso.

Have some storyline for it too Razz


In the New Century 2100, Earth's population reaches a maximum, forcing Humanity to lift off towards the stars in search of a new world to colonize. Soon, Humanity finds their new home: a small planet orbiting in the "Goldilocks Zone" of the class-F star Solania.

This planet, named "Solerra" (Solania's Terra), is a veritable paradise of lush plant life, sparkling oceans, a temperate Spring-like season for three-quarters of its orbit, and a mild but beautiful Winter season for the remaining fourth. Moreover, the star Solania bathed the planet perpetually in a harmless but harness-able energy called "Zetto Waves". These Waves could easily be collected and converted into usable electric power. As such, quite literally, Solerra was perfect. In a matter of a short couple of decades, a modest group of cities is erected and life normalizes.

However, in New Century 30 (year 2130), peace ends. Strange, huge monsters have begun to appear and attack the colonists. With traditional weaponry barely effective, the colonists pooled their resources together to create the ultimate weapon: the giant mechanical super robot Zettaizer! Harnessing the full power of the Zetto Waves, Zettaizer was tremendously powerful. But, will it be powerful enough to defeat the monsters and protect the people of Solerra?
That looks extremely cool, although I must confess that I am somewhat confused at the leg that's at least as large as the mecha's torso. I can't wait to see a second leg, attachment to the torso, arms, and a head!
Proportionately, a super robot torso should be about 2/3s the height of a human leg (from foot to pelvis). I miscalculated a bit so the leg's a tad too long (about 3 or 4 studs too long).

I'll be fixing that shortly, no pun intended.

Anywho, I made modifications to the torso that makes it a lot better:

When the pilot uses the "Open Chest" (or "Chest Open" if you prefer) ability, the chest armor opens in three parts to reveal the inside panel. In this mode, Zettaizer can absorb a lot of ambient Zetto Waves and power itself up massively, but at the cost of basically rendering itself somewhat more vulnerable. Typically, it doesn't fight with its chest open, rather it takes a moment to absorb excess Zetto Waves and then closes the chest. However, if necessary, the chest armor can be jettisoned for a permanent open mode.

Backside is pretty bland I guess.

It separates! Very Happy

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