I want to keep the pop out of the Wait loop as that pop is for the full ExclamationLoopS' loop. The issue I am having is it is not reading the key press inside the Wait loop.
Fine, but you still need to pop that bc that you pushed, otherwise it's always going to crash. A second, non-flow-through label might do the trick, but in the meantime, the problem is that once you in from the keyboard port, you have to re-select a group due to the way the ASIC keyboard controller works. You can't assume the group will stay selected until you choose a new group. Smile
Never knew that about the keypad thank you Kerm! It works the way i intended now wahoo!

Next step detecting the key input speed from the user and comparing it to the AI,
Fun! Fun!

Whats the eaisest way to invert the screen what I was told on irc confused me :/
Oh look a update thingermabob! x2!!!

Yeah just added some new stuff and actually detect you hitting the keys and stuff

Seems like 30ish is about average speed. I wonder what people will get once its released. >.> <.<

Shows the screen that the game uses to yell at you for a false Twitch. Wink

Also shows me getting a really good score at the end a 11 wahoo!

Ok now I am in the need of sprites, The main part of the engine is done and all its just adding in phases and a few other things...BUT I need sprites first so.
Can I get some 16x16pxl sprites for enemies and 1 16x16pxl sprite for the actual player?

If some one feels like spriting the original Kirby characters that would be awesome as well Razz

ScreenShot: shows every thing I have done so far

C-c-c-c-c-combo Breaker!

Very nice work. Is there any penalty for false twitches?
Yes you will have 3 lives so 3 false starts and start over...forgot to include that thanks for reminding me ^_^
Oooh, I totally missed the sprite requests. Two of the original Kirby characters, you say?
Actually as many as you can make levels are definable in a pretty easy way now

   ld a,3
   ld (lives),a
   ld hl,them1                 ;game code starts here
   ld bc,(20*256)+11
   call alive
   call go
   jr nz,$-12

   ld hl,them1                 ;game code starts here
   ld bc,(20*256)+8
   call alive
   call go
   jr nz,$-12
   ld hl,them1                 ;game code starts here
   ld bc,(20*256)+5
   call alive
   call go
   jr nz,$-12
   ld hl,them1                 ;game code starts here
   ld bc,(20*256)+3
   call alive
   call go
   jr nz,$-12

Sorry for the devoidness of comments and repetive blatant copy pasting Razz

In the original game each "draw" round you would fight some one else. so with that in mind I can happily put 5 people in each Difficulty and still make the difficulty progression doable Razz(of which i realize is broken in that above example xD)

And I should probably comment that at some point....


Got most of it working now yay.

The reset button also works so now all I really need is More sprites xD

Did not have a losing screen in that screenie so here it is!

I hope no one takes these instructions literally....

Wait who am I kidding it makes it a lot more fun Wink
I already drink lots of coffee, so I should do well here, right? Very Happy Anyway, what other character sprite themes did you have in mind in addition to Kirby?
Any thing you can sprite up Razz
I more or less went with the name twitch for that reason as I didn't want to blatantly abuse Kirby in this game Razz So yeah what ever looks good in a 16x16 sprite xD
What about my kitty sprite for CaDan? Very Happy
thats 32x32 these are 16x16 32x32 was just a little to big Razz
I thought it started as 16x16?
No cadan used 8x8 and 32x32 I could expand the 8x8 one though

*Tim Does so
Releasing games is fun here is Twitch v1

Plans for the future:

Balanced difficulties
Calcnet support

Currently Implemented features:

3 difficulties
Score tracking

DownLoad Link:
Needs moar screenshots. Smile Nice job on this, you went from 10% to 100% extremely fast on Twitch!
does need more screenshots and thats cause when I was at "10%" it was more like "90%" of the actual engine and then I just needed content.


If you look at the code there the "Call Go" jumps to the engine and then returns after following a bunch of other calls and jumps...kinda wacky how I did it and can probably be ridiculously optimized BUT i have no complaints with gfx its just over 2KB. ^_^
That could be replaced with a single loop or a lookup table, but it's not too bad as-is. I'm glad to hear that it is still a decently small program. Smile
Hmm never thought of that actually thats a good idea \0/

and yeah Im just curious as to what the calcnet version's size will be
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